Here is a link to a video I was involved in (on bari sax): a holiday song by Steven Blane:   http://youtu.be/uLId4bZVjB8

Big Fat Daddy” – long sax solo in middle – may need to copy and paste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umvs40Z1zLU

Portrait of Jennie (tenor sax):



Up Jumped Spring (flute):.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t7j6FBSko4

The fundraising is going well! Many thanks for donations so far ! Exciting and thrilling. Here is the GoFundMe link with video and option to donate:


WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5 – 7 to 10 pm – Flushing Town Hall – Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam. Joe Vincent Tranchina, piano; Eric Lemon, bass; Sylvia Cuenca, drums. Friendly atmosphere! Refreshments available. $10 general admission, free to participating musicians. Please sign list by 9:15 or text 917 667 5331 to participate. 137-35 Northern Blvd., Flushing, NY

TUESDAY, Dec. 11- 9 pm – Darfo Boario Terme –   with Tommy Fusco, Giovanni Monteforte, and Mauro Ferretti. “Martedì 11 dicembre un concerto jazz standard unico…..nel salone dell’hotel SAN MARTINO di Boario Terme con Giovanni Monteforte yazz trio…..accompagnato da Mauro Ferretti drums…..e Tommy Fusco basso…….che per l’occasione diventerà quartetto per l’arrivo in Italia della storica flautista jazz da New York Carol Sudhalter…..da non perdere……”

THURSDAY, Dec. 13 – Bergamo (Grassobbio) – Masterclass, “Dizione Inglese per Cantanti”, followed by concert with the Marta J,/Carol S. Reunion Band. TBA

SATURDAY, December 15 – CuCu Cucina e Cultura – Piazza Moro 3704100, Latina, Italia+39 328 353 0928 Gabriele Manzi, piano; Marco Malagola, drums. Bass.

TUESDAY, December 18 FONCLEA  w/Frances’ Follies. Via Crescenzio, 82A, Rome 00193. Francesca Biagi, leader, voc/banjo/dance

THURSDAY, December 20 – Swing Pub, Molfetta, with Gianluca De Bari and band.

FRIDAY, December 21 – MakeArt Cafe, Bisceglie – https://www.restopolitan.it/ristorante/bisceglie-175988/makeart-309791.html.  Nando Di Modugno, guitar.

WEDNESDAY, December 26 – Bennett Urban Bistro, Taranto with Vito Di Modugno (organ) and Francesco Lomagistro (drums). Via Cataldo Nitti, 165, 74123 Taranto TA.. +39 349 438 4180

SATURDAY, December 29 – Wedding, Bari.

FRIDAY, January 4 – Cleopatra’s Needle. Patrick Poladian, piano. Broadway between 92/93 St., NYC. Invited guests! Great middle eastern food!

WEDNESDAY, January 9 – Flushing Town Hall: Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam.




  1. Hi Carol, Hope all is going well with you. Will you be coming back to Italy this year? Let us know. Take Care
    Bruce an Deb

    • Hi Bruce, beautiful of you to check the site. Yes, I’m coming back in Sept./Oct. Talk to you over the summer! Thanks!!!! Love to both of you and Petie!

  2. Hi Carol,

    Put many dates in my calendar and look forward to hearing you in your many venues. Thanks for referring me back to the site.


  3. Planning on April and May gigs. If only I could be in England to hear you. I lived there for a year when I was first married. Husband was at London School of Economics. Totally loved my stay there. Would love to explore going to Windsor with you in November if that is at all possible. Could be fun. We’d figure out the logistics somehow. xxx Meredith

  4. Hi Carol, pronta una band tutte donne che vorrebbe suonare con te. Mandami date in Italia

    • Ciao Enrico! Le date rimangono sempre quelle che ti avevo scritto: arrivo a milano il 13 giugno, e fino al 3 luglio sono in italia. Dal 3 al 18 luglio sono in inghilterra. Dal 18 al 24 luglio sono di nuovo in italia, poi riparto per new york! A presto!

  5. Ciao Carol, come stai ? ho letto che nelle tue date non c’è Roma! Me lo confermi? Pensi di venire magari in Autunno? Fammi sapere… Grazie , un abbraccio dal tuo amico di Roma, Andrea

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