2013/-15 PAST DATES



WEDNESDAY, October 4Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jazz Jam. Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Eric Lemon (bass), Brian Woodruff (dms)  and Carol Sudhalter (tenor sax/flute and leader). Musicians/voc of all ages and levels welcome. Free to participating musicians, $10 admission for general public. 137-35 Northern Blvd., Flushing.

9/6 – Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jazz Jam.Tranchina, Lemon (bs),  Sudhalter (ts/fl).

9/21 – Bitter End w/Rabbi Steve Blane. Jazz Rosh Hashonah svc. Jack Glottman, Kevin Hailey, Carol Sudhalter, Frank Levitano

9/30 – Bitter End – Yom Kippur Service. Rabbi Steve Blane (on internet ‘Sim Shalom’). same personnel.

8/25, 26, 27 –  “Ain’t Misbehavin’” feat. Michael C. Bishop & Co., Dir. Carol Wilson Mack, Musical Director Norman Pors. Musicians: Sharif Kales,(tpt), Carol Sudhalter, tenor sax; Brian Woodruff, drums; Clyde Bullard, bass; Norman Pors, piano.

9/1 – Cleopatra’s Needle, Poladian, pno; Sudhalter,ts/fl; Ruffels, bs; D.Richardson, dms.

8/22 – Baha’i Center, NYC. Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.

8/2, Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jam, w/Carol Sudhalter, Scott Neumann, Joe Vincent Tranchina and Eric Lemon

8/3/17 – Annual Bix Beiderbecke Tribute, Paul Maringelli band w/Joe Licari, John Halsay, Jordan Sandke,  Carol Sudhalter, and bass. Sunnyside, 46th St. & Qns Blvd.

7/29 –  OESI BAR, Solto Collina w/Tommy Fusco, Giovanni Monteforte, Kader Diop

7/21 – Carol come ospite con Giuseppe De Gregorio (pno), Giardini Viale Carlo Felice

7/23 – Carol Sudhalter w/Enrico Mianulli (bs) Group at L’Arco e la Lira, Piazza del LAVATOIO, Sutri (VT). Raphael Heudron piano, Matteo Bultrini, batteria

7/26 – Make Art Caffe, Bisceglie, with Vito Di Modugno (organ). Via Cardinale dell’Olio, 18, 76011 Bisceglie BT  080 926 4324

7/27 –  Carol Sudhalter and organist Carlo M. Barile in duo.  House Concert, Bari

7/20 –  “La Cuccagna”- w/Corrado Severi Silvestrini (pno), Gerardo Bartoccini (bs), Max De Lucia (dms).  Via Flaminia 1612

7/16 –  Mangiafuoco Lucignolo, Lovere -T.Fusco, Giovanni Monteforte, Mauro Ferretti.   

7/5 – Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jazz Jam – Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Carol Sudhalter (leader/tenor sax/flute), Eric Lemon (bs), and Paul Shaw (dms). 137-35 Northern Blvd.,

7/9 – Art Caffe, Ospedaletto w/Carol Sudhalter, Angelo Bifezzi, Stefano Scopece, Emilio Zilioli.

6/24 –  Steinway Reformed Ch. Bill Wurtzel, g; Carol Sudhalter, ts/fl; David Ruffels, bs.

6/3 – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band – Spoke the Hub Dancing

6/7 –  Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jazz Jam – Joe Vincent Tranchina Carol Sudhalter, Kevin Hailey, Scott Neumann

6/10 – Astoria Big Band at Sunnyside Reformed Church – “Women Composers of Popular Music” This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Legislature and administered by the Queens Council on the Arts. 

5/27 – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band – Johnson Theatre,   A.Wolper, I. Zubareva, Carol Sudhalter, Charles Lee, Gleb Vascenko, Elijah J. Thomas, Tom Russo, Lolly Bienenfeld, Greg Robinson, Hyuna Park, Andy Friedberg, Ralph Hamperian, Art Lillard, Todd Isler 

5/12 – Club 966 – Keisha St. Joan. Ed Stoute (pno), Kim Clarke (bs), Dwayne Cook Broadnex (dms), Carol Sudhalter (sax/flute). 966 Fulton Street.

5/3 – Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jazz Jam – Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Carol Sudhalter (leader/tenor sax/flute), Eric Lemon (bs), Sylvia Cuenca (dms). 137-35 Northern

4/23 – Brownstone Jazz Sunday Series at Sankofa Aban B&B. Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl); Eric Lemon, bass; Patrick Poladian, piano; Mike Campenni (dms).

4/1 – Memories of Jazz in Queens” – Langston Hughes Library – Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Big Band plus the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers! This program is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

4/2 – House Concert Chez Wall, Patrick Poladian, pno, Kevin Hailey (bs).

4/5 – Flushing Town Hall monthly Jazz Jam.  Carol Sudhalter (leader/tenor sax/flute), Eric Lemon (bass), Kaori Yamada (dms), Joe Vicent Tranchina (pno)

3/26 – 4 pm – Metropolitan Room – Lee Torchia w/Melissa Slocum (bs), Jill McManus (pno), Andrea Brachfeld (flute), Sylvia Cuenca (dms) and Carol Sudhalter (tenor sax).

3/1 – Flushing Town Hall Monthly Jam-Tranchina (pno), Eric Lemon (bs), Scott Neumann (dms) and Carol Sudhalter (leader/tenor sax/flute).

3/8 –  Midtown Jazz at Midday. Art Lillard Big Band.(Carol on flute)

2/20 – ART LILLARD’S HEAVENLY BIG BAND, Sir D’s Lounge                                                    Irina Zubareva, Carol Sudhalter, Michael Laderman, Bob Curtis, Gleb Vascenko, Boris Kurganov,  James K. Smith & Pam Fleming,  John Speck,  James Borowski, Andrew Baird, Gary Fisher, Ralph Hamperian, Todd Isler, Art Lillard.

1/12 – Aperitif. Carol (bari/fl); Kevin B. Clarke (g); Al Cardillo (bs); Frank Bellucci (dms).

1/28 – Anthony’s Midwinter Blues and Jazz Party, Turin Apartments. Les Kurtz, pno; Steve Little, dms; Carol Sudhalter, sax/flute; Kevin Hailey, bs; Bill Russo, Host; Clarice Turnbull and Rob Fulton, voc.

2/1 –  Flushing Town Hall Jam Session  – Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Eric Lemon (bs), Scott Neumann (dms), Carol on ts/fl.

1/4 – Flushing Town Hall Jam –P.Poladian (pno), E.Lemon (bs), S.Neumann (dms), Carol on ts/fl.

12/7 – FLUSHING Town Hall Jam, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Eric Lemon & Carol Sudhalter

12/11 – House Concert, Sunnyside: Patrick Poladian, Carol, and David Ruffels

11/28 – Local 802  JAZZ MENTORS VI “What Does It (Really) Mean to Be a Woman in Jazz?”  Grace Kelly, Carol Sudhalter, Kim A. Clarke, Nicki Parrot, Diane Moser.

11/20 –  House Concert,  Qns Council on the Arts. Patrick Poladian, pno;  David Ruffels, bs, Carol (fl/ts/bari)

11/6 – St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Carol (fl) w/ Alejandro Vizcaino (pno)

11/7 – Flushing Town Hall Jam Session  – Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Eric Lemon (bs), Scott Neumann (dms), Carol Sudhalter (leader/ts/fl).

(10/23 – House Concert – Patrick Poladian (pno); Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl). E. 40s, NYC.

10/12 – The Bitter End, for Yom Kippur, Rabbi Steve Blane. Carol Sudhalter (bari/fl), Kevin Hailey(bs), Jack Glottman (pno), Frank Levitano (dms), Evan Kremlin on shofar.

10/15 –  Astoria Big Band  at Langston Hughes Library: “Women Composers of Popular Music”. Presgrave, M.Herzig, Petkere,Lymberiou, Mandel, Rovatti, Mitrano, Liston.

This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the NYS Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature and administered by the Queens Council on the Arts. This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. 

10/3 –  Morning service, The Bitter End, Rosh Hashonah. Rabbi Steve Blane w/Carol Sudhalter(Bari sax/Flute), Kevin Hailey (Bs), Jack Glottman (pno), Frank Lebitano(dms)

10/5 – Flushing Town Hall Jam Session  -Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl); Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno); Eric Lemon (bs), Sylvia Cuenca (dms)

9/21 – Flushing Town Hall Jam w/ Sylvia Cuenca, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Eric Lemon

9/7 – Sala Vaseri, Hotel Laurus – Memorial to Roberta Corazzi -Giorgia Hannoush, G; Carol Sudhalter, ts/fl; Massimiliano Calderai (pno); Maurizio Bozzi (bs) e Cosimo Marchese (dms) – V. Cerretani, Florence.

9/9 –  Drink Lucignolo, Lovere (Bg)  -Carol Sudhalter Quartet w/Tommy Fusco (bs), Giovanni Monteforte (guit), Mauro Ferretti (dms).

9/10 – Oesi Bar – Carol Sudhalter Quartet w/Tommy Fusco, Giovanni Monteforte – Esmate di Solto Collina (Bg)

9/11- Art Caffe Ospedaletto – Carol (ts/fl) w/Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Gianluca Alberti ( bs), Massimo Pintori (dms).

9/12 – Le Trottoir a la Darsena w/ Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Antonio Cervellino (bs), Massimo Pintori (dms).

9/13 –  Circle ‘il filo illogico’ , Torino – Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl) w/guitarist Pino Russo. 

8/23 – Bar Voyage, Berlin with Carmelo Leotta (bs) and Andrew Adair (pno)

9/1 – makeArt Cafe’, Bisceglie with Carlo Barile and Nando di Modugno

8/20Parco delle TermeS. Omobono Valle Imagna (Bg)w/ Tommy Fusco. Giovanni Monteforte.

8/12 –  Chill-Out, Fire Island, feat. 104-yr-old Les Lieber, sax;  Warren Chiasson (vibes), Brian Glassman, bs, Bill Wurtzel, guit; Charlie Caranicas,tpt; Carol Sudhalter,tenor sax; Mike Fahn, tbn

8/6 – Bliss Plaza – Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke. Carol Sudhalter w/ J. Walter Hawkes, John Eckert, John Halsey, Mike Weatherly, Paul Maringelli

7/17-22 – Augusta Heritage Blues and Swing Week – Faculty. Elkins, WV  https://augustaheritagecenter.org/augusta-schedule/blues-swing/

6/28 –  345 Park Ave. – cancelled – Susan Winthrop band. Debra Weisz (tbn), Lily White and Carol Sudhalter (ts), Claire Daly (bari sax). Vocals by Kate Chapman

7/2 – CANCELLED!!!!! – Kopi Kopi Coffee House w/Steve Blane

7/3 – Jackson Hts Chamber Orchestra – Travers Park, Jackson Heights – Carol plays works of Stratta, LeGrand, Lerner and Loewe, Bobby Capo. Arrangements by Chris Rinaman.

7/8 – Marcus Garvey Park/Richard Rodgers Amphitheatre, “A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn, The Divine One”e starring vocalist Ghanniyya Green w/Bertha Hope (pno), Melissa Slocum (bs), Bernice Brooks (dms).

6/22 – Queens Community House Senior Center. Musical play, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” performed by senior citizens and featuring special guests Nina Gordon (voc), and band: Numa Quevedo (cuatro), Roman Ivanoff (pno), Silvestre Padron (bs).

Program sponsored by Su-Casa. SU-CASA is a collaboration among the New York City Council, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department for the Aging and the City’s five local arts councils. This program is supported by public funds from the New York City Council in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Department for the Aging.” 

6/24 – Jazz 966, Bklyn w/Keisha St Joan, Bernice Brooks, Ed Stoute, John Robinson, III

6/18 –  Astoria Big Band Concert at Sunnyside Reformed Church: “Women Composers of Popular Music”. 48-03 Skillman Ave., Sunnyside, Queens.

This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the NYS Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature and administered by the Queens Council on the Arts. This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. 

5/28 – Flatted Fifth Jazz Vespers Series – Memorial West Church – Patrick Poladian, Motoki Mihara (bs); Wayne Henderson (dms). Feat. vocalist Kym Lawrence

5/18 –  w/Jackson Heights Chamber Orchestra. St. Mark’s Church, Works by Ettore Stratta, Michele LeGrand, Bobby Capó. Arr. Christopher Rinaman.

5/7 – Steve Blane Trio w/Carol Sudhalter, Adi Meyerson. Kopi Kopi .

4/23 –  All Saints Church  celebrating 10 years of Latino Newsletter ” El Mensajero.”  Alejandro Vizcaino, blues harp; Carol Sudhalter, tenor sax/flute.

4/24 – Kopi Kopi – Jazz Brunch – Steve Blane, Carol Sudhalter fl/ts, Kevin Hailey (bs).

4/16 –  Cleopatra’s Needle – Carol Sudhalter Patrick Poladian (pno), Shawn Lovato (bs), Kaori Yamada (dms).

Sa4/9 – Kopi Kopi w/Steve Blane (voc), Carol Sudhalter (tsfl),  Lorenzo Sandi (bs).

3/16/16 – ZINC Bar – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Big Band – Sets at 8 pm, 10 pm, and 12 

3/18/16 – Club 5C – Carol Sudhalter Trio w/Patrick Poladian (pno/voc), Lauren Hendrix (bass).  Lady Got Chops Festival 

3/5 – Club 5C w/Arlee Leonard (voc), Kim Clarke (bs), Sheryl Bailey (g), Sylvia Cuenca (dms). Lady Got Chops Festival.

2/14 –Common Grounds Coffee –  Kelly Chappell Olive, Steven Blane –  Lake Worth, FL

2/20 – Cleopatra’s Needle – Carol  w/Patrick Poladian (pno), Shawn Lovato (bs), Doug Richardson (dms).

2/9- Mara’s Homemade – w/Lou Messana (g), Rick Palley (bs), Rich Shapiro (dms) 

1/10/16 – Iridium with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band

12/26  – Steve Blane Trio at Kopi Kopi. Carol on ts/fl

12/31 – Campbell Apartment, w/Don Edmonds (pno), Linda Ipanema

12/6 NY Jazz Workshop Big Band at Bonafide, Carol on bari sax

12/12 –  Steve Blane Trio at Kopi Kopi. Kevin Hailey(bs). Carol (ts/fl)

Wednesday, Dec. 9 – 1 pm – NORC Forest Hills senior center party.

11/27 – Garage – Carol Sudhalter Qrt w/Patrick Poladian (pno), Art Lillard (dms), David Shaich (bs)

11/28 –  Kopi Kopi, w/Steve Blane (pno/voc/leader); Kevin Hailey (bs), Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl).

11/14 – Kopi Kopi w/ Steve Blane and bassist. 68 W. 3rd St., NYC

11/22 – Steinway Reformed Church – Grant-supported concert: music of Women Composers who are members of  New York Women Composers, Inc. including Sabrina Pena Young, Julie Mandel and others. This concert made possible in part by a grant from New York Women Composers, Inc. Carol Sudhalter, flute; Markus Kaitila, piano; Shawn Lovato, bass; Sylvia Cuenca (dms), vocalist Marti Mabin and surprise Guest Flautist! 4

10/27 –  LA MUNTARestaurant, Piacenza. Paola Quagliata (voc),  Luca Garlaschelli (bs), Davide Corini (pno). Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl). 

10/28 – Querena Pub, Clusone (Bg) w/guitarist Giovanni Monteforte, bassist Tommy Fusco. Via Querena, 37.

10/29 – Enotema Bar, Brescia w/Giovanni Monteforte (g),Tommy Fusco (bs). 

10/30 – Mista, Lodi – w/guitarist Giovanni Monteforte, Silvia Preda (bs). Corte Palasio

10/31- 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.- Lodi – Masterclass,  ‘English Diction for Singers’ (Dizione inglese per cantanti).

10/31 – ore 19.30 – Milano – Spazio Contempo, w/Giovanni Monteforte (g), Sandro Galassi (pno). V. della Braida, 1,  Milano

10/23 – Make Art Pub, with Vito Di Modugno and Nando Di Modugno

10/22 – Swing Pub, Molfetta w/ Gianluca De Bari (g), Paolo Luiso (pno),Attanasio Mazzone (dms)

10/21 – Per Bacco Jazz Club w/Francesco Lomagistro (dms), Vito Di Modugno (organ). Taranto

10/ 17 – Cucû Cucina e Cultura (Latina) – Erasmo Bencivenga, Nicola Borelli, Giacomo.

10/18 – Cotton club, Modena. Giorgia Hannoush, Giovanni Urbano.

10/14 – “MA’ caffe, Rome  in duo w/pianist Corrado Severi Silvestrini. Via Valsassina 50

10/15 – Caffe Doria, Hotel Doria, Milano w/Davide Corini (pno), Luca Garlaschelli (bs), Massimo Pintori, Paola Quagliata (voc).

10/ 10 – Art Caffe Ospedaletto, Lodi.  Martha J. (voce), Francesco Chebat (pno), Sandro bs), Stefano (dms)

 10/13 – Il Locale, Rome with Corrado Severi Silvestrini Quartet. Guido Giacomini, bs; Matteo Bultrini (dms)

10/4 – Mocambo Art Music Bar, Inzago – w/Giovanni Monteforte (guit)

10/6 – Lucignolo Mangiafuoco, Lovere w/guitarist Giovanni Monteforte

10/7 – Amici del po monticelli circolo w/accordionist Fabio Turchetti, Luca Garlaschelli (bs). Cremona.

Thursday, October 8 – CANCELLED. Antica Marmeria Di Mirko

10/9 –  Osteria delle Rane Rosse,  w/Marco Roverato (bs), Alberto Bonacasa (pno), vocalist Betti Granati. Settimo Milanese

10/3/15 – Improvvisamente Blues, Cuneo with gianni N egro, Paolo Perrotti, Luis Casih

9/26 –  Kopi Kopi, w/Steve Blane, songwriter/singer, and bass. 68 West 3rd St., NYC

9/14 – Bitter End- Yom Kippur w/Rabbi Steve Blaine, Tal Ronin (bs), Frank Levatino (dms), Jack Glottman (pno)

9/18 – Flushing Town Hall, with Linda Hudson (voc) and her big band from Japan. Carol on baritone sax

9/19 –  Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive @ 120 St. – Linda Hudson and her band.

9/19 – Bitter End. High Holiday svcs w/Rabbi Steve Blaine – Carol on bari sax.

8/26 –  Jazz trio concert, Queens Community House,  Roman Ivanoff, piano; Kevin Hailey (Bs)

8/28 – Dance, Queens Community House, Art Lillard, Shawn Lovato, Roman Ivanoff, Carol Sudhalter

Saturday, August 29 – 7 to 9 pm – Kopi Kopi, Steve Blane (composer/pianist/singer), Yoshi Waki (bs).

8/15  Kopi Kopi- Steve Blane (pno/voc); Kevin Hailey, bass; Carol Sudhalter, flute/tenor sax.

8/19 – Woodside LibraryMusic of the Americas. Maryann Buchler, voc; Itaiguara on guitar.

8/8 – Sunnyside Arch on Qns Blvd – Bix Tribute, Paul Maringelli (dms), Jordan Sandke (tpt), Herb Gardner, John Halsey, Dave Hofstra, Tom Abbott

8/5 –  Domaine Wine Bar, LIC. Dan Sinclair (g), Lorenzo Sandi (bs), Carol (ts/fl)

8/6 – Windsor Park Library, Queens – Swinging Women of Jazz, w/ Katie Cosco (pno), Irina Zubareva (voc).

8/7 – Fire Island – ‘Chill-Out’. Alex Gressel, Bill Wurtzel, Charlie Caranicas, Warren Chiasson, Les Lieber, Carol Sudhalter

7/30 – Cleopatra’s Needle – w/Patrick Poladian, Shawn Lovato, Doug Richardson.

7/25 – Kopi Kopi, w/ Steve Blane (leader, songwriter, singer, pianist) and bassist Kevin Hailey.

7/26 – Concert/Live Recording, Be Sharp Studios, Astoria – Patrick Poladian (pno), Shawn Lovato (bs), Doug Richardson (dms), Ron Horton (tpt).

7/12-17: Blues and Swing Week, Augusta Heritage Center, Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV. Reeds faculty, teaching jazz and blues.  https://augustaheritagecenter.org/augusta-schedule/blues-swing/  

7/19 – House Concert, Highland Park area of Pittsburgh, PA . Keith Stebler, piano. Steve Treadle, drums.

7/8/15 – Domaine Wine Bar – 50-04   Vernon Blvd – LIC  11101 with guitarist Dan Sinclair and bassist Lorenzo Sandi.

7/4/15 – Kopi Kopi, with Rabbi Steve Blane, Carol on flute/tenor sax, Kevin Haley on bass.  68 W. 3rd Street

6/27 – 12 noon – Private Event, Central Park

6/27 – Private Event, Jackson Heights LGBT Senior center

6/27 – 7 pm – Kopi Kopi with Steve Blane and Adi Myerson

6/13 –  Kopi Kopi Steve Blane,  (pianist/songwriter/singer), Adi Myerson  (bs). 68 W. 3rd Street.

6/18 –  345 Park Ave. at 51 Street, NYC – Carol Sudhalter’s Sophisticated LadiesElena Camerin, vocalist; Katie Cosco (pno); Michaela Coppola (guitar), Sylvia Cuenca (dms), Meissa Slocum (bs), Deborah Weisz (tbn), Nicoletta Manzini, alto sax; Carol Sudhalter, tenor sax/flute.

6/20-  Forest Hills Library‘Swingin’ Women of Jazz’ – Jazz Quartet. Kelly Green, pno; Carol Sudhalter, tenor sax/flute; Elena Camerin, vocals; Kim Clarke, bass.

6/6 – 12:30 pm –  Spoke the Hub, 748 Union Street, Brooklyn, with Art Lillard‘s Heavenly Band

6/6 – 7 pm – Sunnyside Reformed Church16-piece Astoria Big Band – 48-03 Skillman Ave. – Free Concert

5/19 – Queens Community House, NORC: SPARC program presentation, ‘Me and My Hat’, senior citizens and Carol

5/20/15 – Midtown Jazz @ MiddayFrank Senior (voc); CarolVal Capers(pno); John Robinson, III, bs. Sat Peter’s Ch.

5/16 – Cambria Heights Library – all-Ellington – Marion Cowings (v); Ilya Lushtak (g). Carol on tenor sax and flute.

5/9/15 – House Concert, Little Neck – Carol Sudhalter (TS/fl), Elise Witt (v), Roman Ivanoff (pno), Yoshiki Miura (g), David Shaich

5/9/15 – Kopi Kopi – 68 West 3rd St. Rabbi Steve Blane (pno, voc). Carol on tenor sax/flute, and bassist Kevin Hailey.

4/25 –  Steinway Reformed Church – Jill McManus, pno; Leco Reis, bs; Art Lillard, dms. Carol Sudhalter on bari sax/fl .

4/30 –  Polo’s – Downtown Glendale Jazz Jam – 4935 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, Arizona 85301. Special guest appearance.

CANCELLED: 3/14 – House Concert, Mineola, NY. Yoshiki Miura, guitar; Carol Sudhalter, ts/fl; Lyn Milano, bass.

3/18 –  Zinc Bar with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. Chris Bacas, Adam Ramsey , Tommy Morimoto (ts); Jack Walrath & Mark McGowan (tpt) Stafford Hunter, Jas Borowski (tbn); Ted Kooshian pno, Ron Jackson (g), R.Hamperian (bs), Nano Valerio (perc),

3/20 – Pangea -w/vocalist Madame Pat Tandy, and pianist Alan Gerber.

3/27 – Pangea – with pianist/vocalist Sarah McLawler and bassist Melissa Slocum. 178 2nd Ave., NYC 10003.

3/28 – Newark, NJ – Jazz Vespers: “A Salute to Women in Music“,  Kym Lawrence, David Braham (pno), Beldon Bullock (bs) Pyton Crosley (dms). Memorial W. United Church

3/9 – Saint Peter’s Church – Celebration of Nobuko Cobi Narita’s 89th birthday –  Carol on baritone sax.

2/22/15 – House concert, Massapequa, Lyn Milano (bs) and Scott Ballin (keyboards)

1/28/15 –  Midtown Jazz @ Midday, Art Lillard’s Heavenly BandSaint Peter’s Church

2/1/15 – Somethin’ Jazz – Patrick Poladian, pno; Tony Barbieri, bass; Carol Sudhalter, baritone sax and flute; Art Lillard, drums

1/24 – Spoke the Hub, w/Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. 295 Douglas St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

1/19/15 –  Somethin’ Jazz. Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), Tony B. (bs), Doug Richardson (dms), Patrick Poladian (pno).

1/6 – Jackson Heights LGBTA Senior Center,  37-06 77th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

1/6 – Iridium with Art Lillard‘s Heavenly Band..1650 Broadway (51st), New York, NY 10019.

12/17 – The Coffee House Club –  private event for members. Doug Jordon (pno), Tony C. (bs)

12/19 – Fat Cat – as Guest of  Marti Mabin (voc), David Schnitter and band. 75 Christopher Street, NYC 10014, 212 675 6056

12/23 –  Somethin’ Jazz – Carol Sudhalter (ts/flute), Patrick Poladian (pno), Tony C. (bs). $12. 212 East 52 Street, 3rd Floor.

12/5 – Mara’s Homemade – Syosset – with Richie Shapiro (dms), Rick Palley (bass) and Lou Messana (guitar)

11/17 – Salmagundi Club,  ‘Kota Project’:  empowering women. Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl)Tony C. (bs), Doug Jordon (pno)

11/23 –  ‘Chez Julie’ House Concert, feat. David C (pno), Tony C. (bs). Carol on tenor sax/flute.  $12 admission.

11/26 –  Somethin’ Jazz, Luca (bs), David C. (pno), Art Lillard (dms), Paola Quagliata (voc). Carol on bari sax/fl.

11/6 – Mus. of NYC – for J. Riis Settlemt Hse. Carol (ts/fl); Frank Sr (voc), D.Jordon (pno), S. Lovato (bs), D. Richardson (dms).

10/29 – Fairway CafeCarol Sudhalter, Val Capers (pno), John H. Robinson III (bass).  2127 Broadway, NYC 10023

10/12/14 –  Aperitif.  Carol w/Johnny (bs) and Lou Messana (guitar). 242 Sunrise Hwy, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

10/12 – All Night Soul, Saint Peter’s Church, with organist Sarah McLawler and Les Femmes Jazz.

10/18 – Langston Hughes Library – Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Jazz Band: ‘Women Composers’ This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts both with public funds from the NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council; and with funds from the NY State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

10/3 – ZEB’s Light and Sound  – Rabbi Steve Blaine’s Kol Nidre Service Concert – Tal Ronen, Jack Glotman, Frank Levitano, Carol Sudhalter

10/4 – ZEB’s Light and Sound   Rabbi Steve Blaine’s Yom Kippur Morning Service -Yoshi,  Jack Glotman, Carol Sudhalter, Frank Levitano

9/24 – ZEB’s Light & SoundRabbi Steve Blaine’s Rosh Hashonah Svc.Tal Ronen (Bass), Jack Glotman (Piano), Carol (Sax /Fl)

9/25 –  ZEB’s Light and Sound   – Rabbi Steve Blaine’s Rosh Hashonah A.M. Svc .Tal Ronen (Bass), Jack Glotman (Piano), Carol

9/28 –  ‘Chez Wall’House Concert at poet Barry Wallenstein’s apartment, Rom Ferri, piano; David Shaich, bs. 

9/24 – Private Place Lounge Madame Pat Tandy’s all-women Nu Taste Ensemble.

9/20 – Florence E. Smith Senior Center. Patrick Poladian (pno), Carol (ts/fl), David Shaich (bass), Art Lillard (dms). Corona, NY

9/11/14 – Somethin’ Jazz – “The September Concert: The Heart of Jazz” – 9/11 Tribute.  Luis Perdomo-p, Cameron Brown-b, Gene Lewin-d, Jeanfrançois Prins-g, Carol Sudhalter-ts/fl.  Sheila Jordan-voc ; Judy Niemack-voc.

8/31 – Sarah McLawler (Hammond B-3), w/ Les Femmes Jazz. Harlem Meer Performance Festival. Maya Casales (perc), Phil Young (dms)

11/14 –  Somethin’ Jazz – Carol on tenor sax; Doug Richardson, drums. Patrick Poladian, piano, Shawn Lovato (bs).

8/17/14 –  Juana Camilleri’s Mayflower Series – Martha’s Vineyard – 180, Old County Road, West Tisbury. Jeremy Berlin (pno), Josh Levine (bs)

8/20/14 – Midtown Jazz at Midday – Carol w/ Sarah McLawler. Patrick Poladian (pno), Art Lillard (dms), David Ruffels (bs).

8/21/14 – St. Helen’s School Auditorium, Howard Beach. The Music Staff 17-piece Swing Orchestra Concert. Carol on bari sax. 

8/23/14 –  34 Sebring Street, Easton, PA. Patrick Poladian, pno; Bernard England (bs); Bill Goodwin (dms). Carol (fl/ts) ;Giorgia. Magik@magikworld.com

8/2 – Bix Beiderbecke birthday celebration gig, Sunnyside, Queens, Under the Arch. Paul Maringelli (dms); Linda Ipanema (voc), Jordan Sandke (tpt), more.

8/2 – 8 pm –  Queens Paupers Diner, Queens Plaza (South Side) at 27th Street. With Giorgia (guit).

7/13/14 –  House Concert Bellmore, NY. Doug Jordon, piano; Lynn Milano (bs); Art Lillard (dms). Res.(required) and Info: 917 667 5331

7/19/14 – Coombe Warren Music ClubDavid Austin Grey, pno w/Nick Jurd (bs) and drums. Coventry, U.K. jennifermiddleton@phonecoop.coop.

7/25/14- Chorlton, UK – House Concert in UTC+01   Mono: 535 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-hardy, South Manchester, M21 0UE

7/9 – Carol with Chuck Jennings (guitar) and David Ruffels (bs) at Queens Center Community House (NORC), 108-25 62nd Drive, Forest Hills, Qns, NY

7/11/14 –  Les Lieber’s Friday Jazz Chill-Out. Ocean Beach, Fire Island – 102 birthday celebration of saxophonist LES LIEBER!

Saturday, July 12 – Private Party

Saturday, June 7Cuneo, Italy – Wedding – Località Bricco Rosso – 12060 Farigliano (Cn) Italia – Tel. 0173 742407 – cell. 334.5209339

Wednesday, June 11 – 9 pm – Milan – SPAZIO CONTEMPO – Via privata Della Braida 1 (viale Caldara MM Porta Romana). Stefano Buratti (bs), Mimmo Tripodi (dms), Giovanni Monteforte (guit). Carol on tenor sax\flauto.

Thursday, June 12 – 10 pm – Le Scimmie – Milano, Naviglio Grande (V. Cardinale Ascanio Sforza, 49) – same group (stesso group del 11 giugno).

Saturday, June 14Masterclass, Jazz Improv., Carpi. Scuola di Musica Musike’, Via Lago di Carezza 14, Carpi 41012. Time 10-noon and 2-4 pm.

Saturday, June 14 – 9 pm – Kahlua Cafe, Carpi (MO), with Giorgia Hannoush, guitar; and Giovanni Urbano, upright bass

Saturday, June 14 – 9 pm – Kahlua Cafe, Carpi (MO), with Giorgia Hannoush, guitar; and Giovanni Urbano, upright bass

Tuesday, June 17 – 8:30 pm – Irsina Public SquareIrsina, Bari (IT) – duo concert with pianist Carlo Barile.
6/21 – House Concert! Tuscany with vocalist Claudia Tellini, Nicola Vernuccio (bs), Gianluca Belpassi (g), Claudio Sbrolli (dms)– Villa San Simone, Pistoia.
Sunday, June 22 – Chiosco di Ponte Tazio, Pza Sempione, Rome, with Corrado Severi Silvestrini (piano), Max De Lucia (dms) and Marco Frattini (bs)
6/26Osteria del Quinto – with Roby Perissin’s Latin Jazz Ensemble. Via Fra Gherardo, 6 , 26100 Picenengo (Cremona).  – CANCELLED
Friday, June 27, 10 a.m. to 3 pm – Cuneo – Masterclass/private consultations with conservatory students.
Friday, June 27 – Carol Sudhalter Quartet, Cuneo, Italy. Sala Concerti del Conservatorio “Ghedini” di Cuneo. Concert organized by the Mayor of Cuneo! Masterclass with conservatory students 10 am to 3 pm.  Luigi Bonafede (pno), Enzo Zirilli (dms), Loris Bertot (bs).
 Sunday, June 29 – 6 to 9 pm – Art Caffe Ospedaletto, Lodi. Robi Perissin & Latin Jazz Ensemble.   Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Roby Perissin (bs), Gino Carravieri (dms).

5/17/14 – Helen Hills Chapel, Smith College, Northampton, MA – Joe Vincent Tranchina, pno; Genevieve Rose, bass; and Robert P., drummer.

5/19/14– Private Event, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

5/24/14- Sunnyside Reformed Church – Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Jazz Band, “Women Composers”. *This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts both with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affiars in Partnership with the City Council; and with funds form the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.*

4/24 –  Private Party, NYC, flute and guitar.

5/5 –  Florence E. Smith Senior Center – “Life Will Be Beautiful”, senior citizens directed by Carol Sudhalter, SPARC Teaching Artist. Patrick Poladian, piano.

4/12/14 – Bx Music Heritage Center – Maxine Sullivan Women in Jazz Series, Part 2: Akua Dixon/Quartette Indigo. Carol Sudhalter, panelist with Paula Hampton, Maxine Roach,
4/13/14 – Antique Garage w/guitarist Larry Newcomb, bassist Steve Wood.

3/14/14 – Shell’s Bistro, NYC –   w/Kaori Yamada (dms), Patrizia Scascitelli (pno) and Melissa Slocum (bs). For Lady Got Chops Festival

3/3/14 – Somethin’ Jazz – Carol Sudhalter Quartet. Patrick Poladian, piano; Doug Richardson, drums; David Shaich, bs.

3/4/14 – Mara’s Homemade, Syosset,   with Rick Palley (bs), Richie Shapiro (dms) and Mark McCarron (g). FAT TUESDAY celebration.

2/20/14 – Antique Garage with Larry Newcomb (guitar, leader) and Steve Wood (bs).   41 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013

2/8/14 –  Queens Center for Gay Seniors – Carol with guitarist Andrew Lim

2/15/14 –  Queens and Paupers, 27-08 Qns Blvd S (at 27th St), Long Island City 11101, Qns Plaza with guitarist Nando Di Modugno

1/6/14 – Somethin’ Jazz Carol Sudhalter Birthday Celebration Gig. Patrick Poladian, pno; Rick Palley, bs.; Art Lillard, drums.

1/15/14 – Midtown Jazz at Midday, Saint Peter’s Church, with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. Carol on flute.

12/31 – New Year’s at Uvarara Restaurant- Carol Sudhalter  (tenor sax/flute) W/guitarist Lou Messana.

1/1/14 –  Antique Garage – 41 Mercer St., Soho, NYC w/guitarist Larry Newcomb & bassist Steve Wood. 3 sets @ 4,5 and 6 pm.

1/5/14 –  Uvarara Restaurant – Carol Sudhalter (tenor sax/flute) with Patrick Poladian, Keyboard.

12/18 – NORC Queens Community House Senior Center, jazz trio w/Carol Sudhalter, Andrew Lim (g), Rick Palley (bs).

12/22 – JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant, 79-28 Metropolitan Ave, Qns, NY 11379 – Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) w/Andrew Lim (g). 

12/13 – Inkwell Cafe Inc  w/Gabriele Tranchina, voice; Joe V. Tranchina, piano; Carol  Sudhalter on tenor sax and flute.

12/14 – Cleopatra’s Needle w/Larry Newcomb (g) Quartet: Chris Mees (bs) and Borni Choi (dms).

12/8 – Aperitif, 242 Sunrise Hwy,  Rockville Centre  w/ Al Cardillo (bs) Lou Messana (g)

11/29 –  SHELL’s Bistro  – Patrick Poladian, piano; David Shaich, bass; Frank Levatino, drums .

12/5 – Private event, Smith College Reunion Committee. Carol with Ilya Lushtak, Guitar.

11/24 – JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant – Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) w/guitarist Nick Russo.
11/27 – Pre-Thanksgiving Jazz Night at Uvarara Restaurant- Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) w/guitarist Lou Messana.

11/17 – JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant,  Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) w/guitarist Rick Stone.  http://www.uvararany.com. (718) 894-0052

11/9 – Langston Hughes LibraryFREE CONCERTCarol Sudhalter’s Astoria Big Band, ‘A Tribute to Diz, Satch and Big Nick‘ – Feat. vocalist Frank Senior.This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts w/ public funds fr/NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs in partnership w/City Council; and (in part) by QCA w/public funds fr/NYS CA w/support of Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature.

11/10 –  JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant, 79-28 Metropolitan Ave., Middle Vill. Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) with guitarist Lucio Ferrara. 

11/3 –  JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant, 79-28 Metropolitan Ave, Qns, NY 11379 – Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) with guitarist Joel Perry. 

10/27 – JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant, 79-28 Metropolitan Ave. Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) with guitarist Larry Newcomb

10/22 – Garage, 99 7th Ave. South, NYC. Patrick Poladian, piano; Doug Richardson, dms, Shawn Lovato, bass.

10/20 – JAZZ NIGHT at Uvarara Restaurant, 79-28 Metropolitan Ave, Qns, NY 11379 – Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax) w/guitarist Ilya Lushtak.

10/16 –  Uvarara, with Shawn Lovato (bs) and Chuck Jennings (g). Wine Tasting. 79-28 Metropolitan Ave  New York, NY 11379

10/6 – Uvarara Restaurant – Carol Sudhalter with Andrew Lim (guit). 79-28 Metropolitan Ave  New York, NY 11379 – (718) 894-0052

10/13 –  Jazz Vespers, Saint Peter’s Church, 54th Street between Lexington and 3rd Ave. with Sarah McLawler Group

9/21 – Ristorante La Cuccagna, Rome – w/Corrado Severi Silvestrini (comp/pno), Max De Lucia (dms), Marco Frattini (bs).

9/24 –  Il Locale, Via Peralba, 2a, Montesacro, Rome with pianist/composer Corrado Severi Silvestrini and band
9/26 Officina 15 – Rome – Carol Sudhalter Quintet w/Olivier Berney (tpt), Mauro Andreoni (pno), Filippo Saratti (dms), Benjamino De Vita (bs)

9/27 – Open Cafe, Milano w/ Roby Perissin Latin Jazz Ensemble.  Roby Perissin, (bs), Diego Ruvidotti (tpt), Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Gino Carravieri (dms).

9/28– LegnanoPrivate event with Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carmelo Tartamella (g), Emilio Zilioli (dms)

9/29 – Art Cafe Ospedaletto:  “Latin Jazz  feat. Carol Sudhalter (fl/ts, Gianni Satta (Tr) Angelo Bifezzi (Pno), Roby Perissin (Bs), Paolo Traino (dms)9/11 – 354 Park Ave at 51 St. – with Linda Ipanema and her band – free outdoor concert

9/13 – Bernezzo, area attrezzata “La Magnesia”: Mimma Rossi presents: Cuneo meets the Americas:  Carol Sudhalter (flauto e sax), Davide Garola (trombone/flicorno), Gianni Scotta (piano), Eddy Gaulein-Steff (bass), Luis Casih (drums/perc), Elena Urru (voce).

9/14 –  Como – Trattoria Fortino w/Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi, Via Conciliazione 32, Tavernola, Como

9/15 –  Cuneo (Madonna delle Grazie)  – Giardino filosofico di Villa Torre Acceglio 
Paolo Perotti presents: “Gypsy Mix”, w/Florin Tanase (g), Italians Stateless (Paolo Perotti, Carol Sudhalter, Mario Biasio, Giorgio Vacchetta), Deborah de Blasi Quartet: Deborah de Blasi (voc), Yoann Hamburger & Christophe Buselli (g), Serge Ferrero (bs).

9/17 –   Cantina Scoffone. w/Claudio Ottaviano (bs), Roberto Paglieri (dms), Dario Trapani (g), guest saxophonist Mirko Fait. Via Pietro Custodi 4, Milano

9/19 –  Nord Est Club, Milano w/Antonio Fusco (dms), Antonio Zambrini (pno), Andrea Di Biase (bs). Via Borsieri 35.9/7 – Jazz Vespers,  w/Eric Person Big Band. St. Albans Congregational Church
9/7 – 55 Bar with Ayana Lowe and her band.

8/25 – Aperitif, 242 Sunrise Hwy,  Rockville Centre, NY 11570  w/ Al Cardillo (bs), Mark Marino (g)

9/29 Frank Pedulla‘s big band, St Helen’s School,  Howard Beach8/30 – Mara’s Homemade, 234 West Jericho Turnpike, Syosset. – Lou Messana (G), Richie Shapiro, dms ; Rick Palley, bs; Carol (flute/ts)8/18 – w/vocalist Frank Senior – COVO Trattoria – Private event.
8/29 – Kazimierz World Wine Bar, Scottsdale, AZ

8/9/13 – Somethin’ Jazz, w/Giorgia (g); Carol Sudhalter (sax/flute); Patrick Poladian (pno); Esdras Lubin (bs);Art Lillard (dms).

8/3 – Bix Tribute w/L. Ipanema (voc), J.Sandke (tpt); Herb Gardner (tbn/pno); D.Shenton (pno/vl), M.Wade (bs); P.Maringelli (dms)

7/30 –  345 Park ave. @ 51 St. w/Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. Free.

7/17 – Uvarara Restaurant.w/ Bill Wurtzel (g). 79-28 Metropolitan Ave  New York, NY 11379 – (718) 894-0052

7/20 – A Private Place Lounge, Orange, NJ with Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Radam Schwartz (organ), Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax)7/12-  Ocean Beach, Fire Island, w/ Les Lieber (as/whistle), Bill Wurtzel (guit), and Warren Chiasson (vibes), John Mosca (tbn), others.

6/26 – Swing 46, with the Stan Rubin Big Band. Carol on bari sax.6/30 – Marie Stack Big BandSt Columba Church, 2245 Kimball St, Marine Park, Brooklyn 11234

6/17 – Somethin’ Jazz w/Doug Richardson, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Eric Lemon, Carol Sudhalter (sax, fl), Marti Mabin (voc).

6/20 – La Cave Du Grenier with Juana Camilleri (voc/guit/comp) , Cesar Atzic A. Marquez (viol), Carol (fl), Vineyard Haven, MA

6/14 –  House concert at poet Barry Wallenstein’s apt.  Carol (fl/sax), Rom Ferri (pno),  David Shaich (bs). Barry (poems).

6/1/13 – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band –  The Old Stone House &  Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY — Dancing in the Street.5/19 – Shrine w/John Wriggles band: vintage music. Carol on bari/tenor sax.

5/14 – 345 Park Avenue – w/ Linda Ipanema (voc), Stan Edwards (voc), Tom Olin (sax/clar)

5/11/13 – Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Big Band:Tribute to Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie & Big Nick Nicholas.Sunnyside Ref.Church; Voc.Frank SeniorThis event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.   Info 917 667 5331                           *Here is a link to a comment on this concert: http://queensnyc.com/2013/05/qnyc-event-highlight-carol-sudhalter-and-the-astoria-big-band-play-tribute-to-satchmo-diz-and-big-nick/         

4/30 – Jazz trio, at NORC Quns Community House, Andrew Lim (gt); Carol Sudhalter,  Shawn Lovato (bs).

5/1 – Senior Art w/music, NORC Queens Community House,   SPARC. Stephanie Greig (gt); Carol (flute/sax)

5/3 – Private party, Amityville with Joe Vincent Tranchina, Eric Lemon and Ray Mosca4/4, 11, 18, 25 –  SPARC art class w/my music, NORC Queens Community House at Forest Hills.
4/26 –  Brownstone Jazz: Carol, Eric Lemon, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Victor Jones. Sankofa Aban B&B, 107 Macon St, Bkln.3/24/13 – A Private Place Lounge, with Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble.

2/28/13 masterclass, ‘Jazz Flute’, Orchestra Hall, Scuola Media Statale ‘Rosa Bianca’, Saluzzo,  Italy 

2/28/13 – Ex Lavatoi di CuneoCarol Sudhalter,Gianni Negro (pno), Simone Monnanni (bs), Riccardo Zegna (dms). Via Piave, 3, Cuneo

3/1/13 Attilio Donadio Festival Preview. prod. by Ettore Stratta Society, Granbaita Hotel, Savigliano. Carol Sudhalter w/ Mario Biasio, Mimma Rossi, Davide Garola, Enzo Medaglia  Info/res. 0172 711 5003/2/13 –  Trattoria del Vecchio Zuavo – ‘Intimate friendship: Funkallero meet Carol’. Carol Sudhalter (fl/sax/foc), Paolo Perotti (clarinet & voice), Giorgio Vacchetta (keyboard / tpt). , via Roma, 21 Cuneo.Sunday, March 3 – 9:30 pm-  Il Cantiere, Roma, Carol with Mauro Andreoni (pno) and Olivier Berney (tpt), Gigi Rossi (bs) and Carlo Battisti (dms). Via Gustavo Modena, 92 (Trastevere).Tues., March 59:30 pmIl Locale, Via Peralba, Montesacro, Rome. Carol with Corrado Severi Silvestrini (pno),  Marco Fratini (bs) and Max De Lucia (dms)3/7/13 –Per Bacco Jazz Club,Taranto. Carol w/ Francesco Lomagistro (dms),Vito Di Modugno (organ)Fri, March 8 – 4 to 8 pm – Masterclass, Bisceglie, Accademia di Musica Orfeo, ‘English Diction for Singers’
Fri., March 8 – 9 pm – Enoteca del Jazz De Astis,  V. Ten. Fiorino,50 Molfetta –   w/ Francesco Lomagistro (dms), Vito Di Modugno (org)
Sat., March 9 – 10:30 a.m. – Masterclass Dizione per Cantanti. Musa Sapori & Saperi, Corso Benedetto Croce, 18, Bari – Carol Sudhalter, docenteSat., March 99:30 pm – Musa Sapori e Saperi, Corso Benedetto Croce, 18, Bari (BA)  with Vito Di Modugno and Francesco Lomagistro.3/10 – Porto di Santa Marinella (RM).  Carolwith  Mauro Andreoni (pno), Olivier Berney (tpt), Gigi Rossi (bs) , Carlo Battisti (dms).3/15 – Centro Columbus, Codogno (Lodi) w/Marta J. (voc), Francesco Chebat (pno), Roberto Piccolo (bs), Stefano Bertoli (dms)Sat. March 16 – 9 pm – Open Cafe, Mediterranean Grille, Corso Lodi  37/a, Milano w/Roby Perissin band: Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), Roby Perissin (bs), Diego Ruvidotti (tpt), Angelo Bifezzi (pno), Gino Carravieri (dms)1/13/13 – Massapequa Library – Pat Tandy- ‘Nu Taste’ w/Carol, Rene Carlson, Percy Brice,  Simona Premazzi.12/30 –House Concert: Richard Lanham, Martha J. (voc), Francesco Chebat (pno), Lorenzo Sandi (bs) Doug Richardson (dms)12/24 –The Metropolitan Room w/Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl),  Francesco Chebat, ‘Martha J’,  Doug Richardson Lorenzo Sandi (bs).  Guest: Richard Lanham!!!12/26-  Metropolitan Room as above,w/guest trumpeter Geoff Gallante 12/27 Somethin’ Jazz – Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), band as above.12/9 –Baldwin Library -Diane Drake (tpt), John Lieto (tbn), Carol  (flute/tenor sax), Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Lyn Milano (bs), Ray Mosca (dms).12/23 –The Metropolitan Room with Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), Martha J. (voc), Francesco Chebat (pno), Lorenzo Sandi (bs), drummer Doug Richardson Special Guest ‘ZAK’ (songwriter/singer),12/1 – Steinway Reformed Church, . Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Big Band Concert, arrangements by C. Camilleri, G.Mills, S. Bielski, Vito Di Modugno. Vocalist: Keisha St. Joan.This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs,  administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.11/28-Midtown Jazz at Midday -Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. Saint Peter’s Church11/20  Guggenheim Museum –Salvatore Sciarrino’s Il Cerchio Tagliato Dei Suoni .Jayn Rosenfeld, Claire Chase, Eric Lamb,  Kelli Kathman & 100 migrating flutists  (flautisti migranti)11/17- Jackson Heights Jewish Center – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band – 37-06 77th St., Jksn Hts.10/29-   LIC Bar w/Vito Di Modugno (organ), Doug Richardson (dms).45-58 Vernon Blvd11/1 – Windsor Arts Center, CT w/organist Vito Di Modugno, Justin Ottaviano (dms)11/3 – Steinway Ref. Ch. emergency hurricane concert w/Vito Di Modugno (organ), Brian Woodruff (dms) and Charlie Franklin (tpt)10/30: QUEENS Community House (QCGS): Carol with guitarist Andrew Lim10/28: private party with Joel Perry (g), Vito Di Modugno (bs) and ZAK (voc)10/13 – Steinway Reformed Church, Astoria Jazz Band  “ Octogenarians of Jazz” #4, feat. bassist/vocalist/author/humorist Bill Crow! Bill Wurtzel, guitar; Dave Ruffels, bass; Carol (ts/fl) and Doug Richardson (dms).  This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.
10/7/12 – Saint Peter’s Church – All-Nite Soul with Sarah McLawler and ‘Les Femmes Jazz’9/16/12 – Astoria Jazz Band at Grace Lutheran Church, Astoria with Guest Artist Octogenarian Sarah McLawler (organ/voc)!  Dave Ruffels (bs), Bill Wurtzel (g), Doug Richardson (dms).   This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.9/11/12 – 1 pm. 345 Park Ave., corner of 51 Street (NE corner). Outdoor gig w/vocalist Linda Ipanema.
9/11/12 – 9 pm    The September Concert: The Heart of Jazz .  Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar  8/29 – 1 pm – Midtown Jazz at Midday, Carol Sudhalter band w/Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Saadi Zain (bs), Rudy Lawless (dms). Saint Peter’s Church7/29 –Art Lillard‘s Heavenly Band.
Summer on the Hudson, Riverside Park South7/19 – Cagliari  –  Jambalaya Jazz Club w/Vittorio Sicbaldi (dms/leader), Tore Spano (pno) and Alessandro Atzori (bs). via Cabras,8. Monserrato. www.jazzlounge.itJuly 20 –  9 pm – Hotel Camping, Barisardo Marina, Sardinia.  7/21 and 22 – Villasimius, Sardegna. With Vittorio Sicbaldi, Alessandro Atzori and Tore Spano
5/20/12, 11-3– Masterclass by Carol, ‘Dizione Inglese per Cantanti’ – Jambalaya Jazz Club, Cagliari7/13- House concert: No 1 Coombe warren, Coombe Abbey Park, Brinklow Road, Coventry, CV3 2AB, UK. Tim Amann (pno), John McKinley (guit), Chris Mapp (bs) and Pete Hammond (dms) with Carol on tenor sax and flute.
7/14 -Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival:
3-4 and 4:30 to 4:30 pm – Victoria Square w/John Patrick (pno) 
19:30  – Chung Ying Garden w/Vocalist Val Wiseman and the Brian Dee Trio w/Len Skeat and Malcolm Garrett. -17 thorp St, Birmingham, B54AT
7/15 – Bay Horse, 8 Cistern Street, Totnes Devon, UK. with Louise Parker (voc),  Neil Burn, guitar; Al Swainger, bass
7/16 – Clifford Arms, 34 Fore St, Shaldon, Devon, UK w/ Louise Parker (voc),  Craig Milverton, pno, Kev Sanders, bass.
7/17 – The Union Inn, Saltash, UK w/Louise Parker (voc), Colin Seddon, perc,
Neil Burns, gt, Pat Butterly, bass.6/30 –  Enosteria. Vle piave 223 Brescia. Moreno Pedrotti, guitar . Carmelo Leotta, bs, Carol (tenor sax/ flute)6/16 – Jazz Club of Cuneo w/ Giovanni Scotta, pno; Antonio Raiola (bass), Flaviano Sciarpa (drums)
6/21- Enoteca Bacco e Venere – Mauro Andreoni (pno), Olivier Berney (tpt), Gigi Rossi (bs), Carlo Battisti (dms) – via P.R. Giuliani 12, Latina
June 22 – “Chet” Pasti Caldi e Cultura – Corrado Severi Silvestrini (pno) – Don Luigi Sturzo 46, (Pza. Dante Alighieri), Latina, Italy
6/24 – Frascati – Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl), Olivier Berney (tpt), Mauro Andreoni (pno), Nicola Borelli (bs).June 9 – Private party, midtown, NYC w/vocalist/poet Zak Gumpel, Joel Perry (g) w/Guest violinist Zoltan Mihali June 10 – 5 pm – Saint Peter’s Church – Sarah McLawler and Les Femmes Jazz. June 14 – all-women quartet,  Sala Agorà,  Confraternita San Giovanni,  via Torino,  Savigliano, with Lia Invernizzi (voc),  Silvia Cucchi (pno), Claudia Natili (bass) and Barbara D’Alessio (dms)6/2 – Brooklyn Conservatory of Music – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band. May 31New Cats Cafe  w/Madame Pat Tandy (voc./leader)’s all-women Nu Taste Ensemble. Carol (ts/flute). 2027  Emmons Ave., Bklyn, NY 11235. (718) 332 48505/21 – private party w/pianist Les Kurtz. Lorraine Lofaso, Patricia D’Arcy, and Shirley S. Farmer (voc’s).
5/22 – Shrine, w/Art Lillard‘s Heavenly Band. Carol on flute.  2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Bl5/18Aurora Gallery, Astoria – Annual Gala of Art House Astoria – Astoria Jazz Band w/Octogenarian of Jazz, drummer Rudy Lawless! Joe Tranchina (pno) and Saadi Zain. This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.5/19 – Spoke the Hub w/Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.5/12 Showman’s Lounge – 375 W 125th St # 1, New York, NY  with organist Sarah Mclawler4/21/12 –  Sunnyside Reformed Church. Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Jazz Band (quintet) w/ Special Guest David Amram. Doug Richardson, Amanda Monaco, Eric Lemon, Jack Davis, Carol.  This event is made possible (in part) by  Quns Cncil on the Arts w/funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of NYSCA, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.7/11 Edgehill Senior Residence, Stamford, CT with pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina.3/29/12 – New Cats Cafe  w/Madame Pat Tandy (vocals/leader) and all-women Nu Taste Ensemble. Akiko Tsuruga (organ), Carol Sudhalter (tenor sax/flute), Kaori Yamada (drums). Emmons Ave., Brooklyn.4/1/12A Private Place Lounge, w/ Mme Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble.3/2/2012 – Club 966, Bklyn – Mme Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble -3/5/2012 – Creole Rest.-Mame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble.3/9/2012  – Priory w/Mme Pat Tandy all-female Nu Taste ensemble.3/10/2012 – Dwyer Cultural Center – Lady Got Chops Festival honors patroness of Jazz Cobi Narita. http://ladygotchops.com/2012calendar.html2/25/12 – Hugo’s, w/Vocalist Louise Parker from U.K. and Joel Perry (guit). Plainfield, NJ2/16 Union County College –Mme Pat Tandy’s  all-women band, Carol on tenor sax/flute.2/18 – Astoria Big Band @ Sunnyside Reformed Church, w/ vocalist Marti Mabin. This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts w/public funding fr. the New York City Dept of Cultural Affairs.”2/21 – Sarah Neumann Nursing Home,w/ Linda Ipanema, Bob Cantwell, Herb Gardner, Tom Olin, S.Little2/7/12Tomi Jazz-  w/ Scot Albertson (voc),  Keith Ingham (pno).2/9/12 Skipper’s Plane St. Pub Mme Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste ensemble.1/14/12 – MLK Fest-Ch.of the Assumption-Mme Pat Tandy & NU-Taste
1/19/12 – The Iridium w/featured guests Zak Gumpel,  Geoff Gallante!! Percussion: Jack Davis. Joel Perry (g). John H. Robinson III(bs) Val Capers (pno), Doug Richardson (dms).
1/22/12 –  Sacred Heart Univ. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Fairfield, CT – w/Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno)12/31/11 The Lake Club, S.I. –   Madame Pat Tandy &  Jazz Trio (Carol Sudhalter, ts/fl; Radam Schwartz, organ; Wayne Henderson, dms)12/26/11 – The Garage. Carol on tenor w/Howard Williams Big Band
12/28/11 – Swing 46 w/Stan Rubin big band, Carol on bari sax.
12/29/11 – Private event, Carol w/Joel Perry (guit) duo, with ZAK12/10 – w/Andrew Lim (g) – Kew Gardens Cmmnty House12/15 – Private event, trio with Joel Perry (guit)11/19, Piccolo Restaurant , Ridgefield,  CT wMarti Mabin; Joe McWilliams (pno); Matt Moadel (dms); Franz Damiani11/23 – Midtwn Jzz @ Midday, St. Peter’s Ch., Art Lillard’s Band.11/27 – Private Place Lounge w/ Mme Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble10/29/11 –  Piccolo Restaurant – CT w/vocalist Marti Mabin; Joe McWilliams (pno); Matt Moadel (dms); Francesco Damiani (alto sax).10/30 – Private Party (wedding) Battery Gardens, NYC11/1/11 -Annalisa DeFeo (keys, vocal), Luca Santaniello (dms), Carol on flute, The National Underground.11/2/11 – Spike Hill Rest., Wmsburg w/Peter Silver & ‘Blue Nitrous’.11/7/11 – Alfredo of Rome,  w/Bill Wurtzel and Hide TanakaOct.11 – Association Columbus – Centro Columbus, Via S. Francesca Cabrini, 9 – Codogno (Lodi).   –  Carol (ts/fl); Gianni Satta (tpt); Angelo Bifezzi (pno); Enzo Frassi (bs); Paolo Mozzoni (dms)10/13 –  House concert w/ Giovanni Monteforte (guit),  Carmelo Leotta (bs) – c/o  Licia Barcaro,Vicenza.
10/14 La Vignetta, Cernobbio w/A. Cervellino (bs), Carlo Uboldi (pno).10/15:  City Bar di Chiasso, Switz. -Antonio Cervellino (bs), Simone Daclon, pno,  Dario Milan, dms.10/16: Angelo Bifezzi (pno) quartet: Art Cafè Ospedaletto10/6/11: Hotel Doria, Milan w/Davide Corini (pno);  Luca Garlaschelli (bs); Massimo Pintori (dms).10/8/11: Carol Sudhalter masterclass, “Dizione inglese per cantanti”, Jazz Club di Cuneo
10/9/11: Teatro Toselli, Cuneo:Davide Garola (trombone, Fabio Gorlier (pno), Roberto Chiriaco (bs), Edoardo Bellotti9/30: Jazz Club Firenze w/Cosimo Marchese(dms/leader), Nicola Vernuccio (bs) and Max Calderai (pno)10/1/11:  Teatro Santa Chiara, Rome: ‘SANDRO GINDRO IN JAZZ’ :Corrado Severi Silvestrini, pianoforte, Clizia Aloisi, voce, Carlo Battisti, batteria, Daniele Basirico, cb, Carol Sudhalter, flauto, Francesco Pezzella, voce recitanteOct. 5: Carol w/ Giovanni Monteforti (guit), Bar Ricci, Milan9/16:  Assoc. Culturale Cantiere Jazz, V. Gustavo Modena, 92,Trastevere  –  Olivier Berney, Mauro Andreoni , Gigi Rossi, Ares Andreoni
9/17: Wedding, La Preda, Poggio Catino with Nicola Vernuccio, Roberto Pistolesi and guitarist Gianluca Belpassi9/18:  Piazza Garbatella, Largo delle sette chiese (vicino teatro palladium) with Mauro Andreoni, Olivier Berney (tpt), Roberto Pistolesi (dms), and Vincenzo Florio (bs)9/8/11:  La Quercia, Cassano delle Murge Bari with Paolo Lepore’s Jazz Studio Orchestra
9/9/11:  w/ pianist Carlo Barile Irsina (Basilicata)(Matera)  Centro Studi Giovanni Maria Trabaci.
9/10/11:  Enoteca Per Bacco, Taranto, Italy  Francesco Lomagistro, Camillo Pace and Eddy Olivieri
9/11/11: W/ Paolo Lepore big band (Jazz Studio Orchestra),  Andria Piazza Vittorio Emanuele8/6/11 – The Sunnyside Arch, Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke-  Alan Cary, guitar, John DeCesare (bs).7/16/11 – Piscataway, NJ w/Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste ensemble. 6/25 – St. Simon&Jude Church,  Marie Stack Big Band, Carol on bari sax.
7/10 – Private Place Lounge w/Madame Pat Tandy.6/4/11 – Brooklyn Conservatory with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.
5/24/11 – Westchester, NY – private party w/Joel Perry (gt)5/20/11- Amer. Legion Post 620 ,  Bx, NY.   Judd Nielsen,  Masahiro
5/21/11 – Spoke the Hub with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.
5/22/11 – A Private Place Lounge, Orange, NJ w/ Madame Pat Tandy’s
5/24/11 – 345 Park Avenue – Carol’s 13-pc Swinging Sisters
5/27/11 –  Bucharest Rest., Sunnyside, w/Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band
5/28/11 –  Miles Cafe: Carol, Rick Stone (gt), Burt Eckoff (pno), David Kingsnorth (bs),Seiji Ochiai (dms),   CD release, Geco Records, Italy, “Carmelo and Carol Remember: Great Film Music of the Sixties”. [Carol by permission of Alfa Music, Rome.]5/9B.B. King’s Blues Club @ Grille –  Peter Silver’s Blue Nitrous 5/5/11 – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band: Jackson Heights Jewish Ctr5/1 – Duo w/Andrea Vocaturo (guit), Glry of Contemp. Art, Fairfld, CT
4/14/11 – Skipper’s Plane St. Pub, with Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Vito Di Modugno (organ) and Francesco Lomagistro (dms)4/6/11 – St Peter’s Ch, Midtown Jazz @ Midday,Art Lillard’sBand.April 6,7, Brorby Studios, Bklynrecording w Keith Ingham, Kyoko3/18/2011 – The Priory Restaurant, Newark, NJ. w/ Madame Pat Tandy3/21/11 – Russo’s – Joe Tranchina (pno) and Eric Lemon (bs)3/4/2011 = 5C Club – Kim Clarke’s All-Women ‘Lady Got Chops‘  Festival – Carol Sudhalter with pianist Simona Premazzi and vocalist Marti MabinTuesday, March 8 – 7 to 11 pm – Cookin’ with Jazz, 179-22 Union Tpke.,  Hillcrest, Queens. Carol (ts/fl) with Dave Carter (pno), Dave Jackson (bs), Earl Grice (dms), and Michael Ridley (tpt).
Sunday, March 13 – 6 to 10 pm – Private Place Lounge, 29 So. Center St., Orange, NJ – Carol with Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble.Mon., Feb. 21, 7:15  pm, Saint Peter’s Church, MEMORIAL to vocalist MYRNA LAKE.3/2/2011 – The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St New York, 10012 – w/Peter Silver’s  ‘Blue Nitrous’Mon., Jan. 31,  The Garage –  Carol Sudhalter (ts/fl) with pianist Burt Eckoff and bassist Kim Clarke.Fri, Feb. 4, 10.30 pm, Carroll Room,  Campus Center, Smith College, Northampton, MA – Nu Taste Ensemble:  Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Akiko Tsuruga (organ), Rene Carlson (harmonica), Lucianna Padmore (dms). http://www.smith.edu/smitharts/event_details.php?id=00552
Sat., Feb. 5, Earle Recital Hall, Sage Hall, Smith College – Madame Pat Tandy Ensemble. Discussion on women’s careers in music, oral history –SUN. DEC. 26 -9 pm – Sheraton Nicolaus Hotel, Bari –  Paolo Lepore’s Christmas Concert, “I Love You” : a tribute to Cole Porter and George Gershwin. Carol on tenor sax and Madame Pat Tandy, vocalist, with the Jazz Studio Orchestra. Via Cardinal Ciasca, 27 70124 – Bari (BA)THURSDAY, DEC. 30 – Jazz Club PetraCeglie Messapica With Vito Di Modugno (Hammond Organ), Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Carol Sudhalter (sax/flute) and Francesco Lomagistro (drums)FRI., DEC. 31 – Taranto- Piazzaroma, with Madame Pat Tandy, Francesco Lomagistro (dms), Vito DiModugno (organ)SAT. , Jan. 1 – Music Festival “Locarno on Ice”, Piazza Grande, Locarno, Switz. – Carol w/ Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Vito Di Modugno (organ) and Francesco Lomagistro (dms)SUN., Jan. 2 @ 8 pm– Music Festival “Locarno on Ice”, Piazza Grande, Locarno, Switz. – Carol w/Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Vito Di Modugno (organ) and Francesco Lomagistro (dms)TUES., JAN. 4 – Il Locale Winebar/Lounge Restaurant, Via Peralba 2/a (via adriatica), Nomentana zone, Rome, with pianist Corrado Severi Silvestrini. 06 8182620. http://www.illocale.itFri. JAN. 7 – ARCI Cortemagno – via san piero calci (Pi) tel 050 936060 with Cosimo Marchese, Massimiliano Calderai and Nicola VernuccioSat. JAN. 8 – Jazz Club of Firenze with Cosimo Marchese (dms), Marco Marcomx Calderai (pno) and Nicola Vernuccio (bs) – Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3 – Firenze  infotiscali@jazzclubfirenze.comThurs., JAN. 13 – 10:45 – 1:45 and 2:30 to 5:30,  morning and afternoon – Masterclass, “Dizione Inglese per Cantanti”, Scuola Civica di Musica, V. Pietro Colletta, 51, Milan. Tel 02 5455 4283/13/2011 – Doria Hotel,  Milano w/Antonio Cervellino, bs, Davide Corini, pno,  Luigi Gungui, dmsFri., JAN. 14 – Milano – Bar Caffetteria Shangri-La with Giovanni Monteforte (guit) and Mino Fabiano (bs). Via Enrico Cosenz, 22 – 20158 Milan, Italy   Tel. 02 39317871Sun., JAN. 16, 2:00 to 7:30 pm – Masterclass, “Dizione Inglese per Cantanti”, C-F-M (Centro formazione musicale), Brescia. via san Bartolomeo 43.Sun. Jan. 16, 9 pm – Enosteria with Carmelo Leotta and Antonio Zambrini. Viale Piave 223, Brescia.1/17/2011Jazz Club di Cuneo,with Carmelo Leotta, bass, Fabio Gorlier, pno, Emilio Berne’ (dms)Tues., JAN. 18 –  Milano –  Il Fermento with Carmelo Tartamella (guit) and Carmelo Leotta (bs)1/19/2011 l’ALTRO VERSO –  Limido Comasco (Como). TEL 031.937018.     With Antonio Cervellino (bs), Marco Caputo (dms) and Carlo Uboldi  (Pno)1/20/2011 – Bebop Jazz Club, Rome- Carol Sudhalter with Olivier Berney tpt, Guido Giacomini bs, Mauro Andreoni pno, Roberto Pistolesi dms.1/23/2011 – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart Univ., Fairfield, CT – w/guitarist Andrea Vocaturo.

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