2008-2010 past dates

12/17/10 – Noel: A Night of Everlasting Love –  Story of Christmas  told thru carols w/choir and orchestra. Proceeds  to Josephine Foundation, Friends of Maple Grove, Irish Apostolate of Diocese of Brooklyn and Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts.  Carol Sudhalter on flute.

12/11/10  – Jazz and Spaghetti Dinner,  Sunnyside Reformed Church, Qns Carol Sudhalter, ts/fl; Mauro Andreoni, pno; Shawn Lovato, bs; Lucianna Padmore, dms; Marti Mabin, voc.  Bring a t-shirt: artist ANDREW Scalise will be on hand to create a custom glitter design, from shamrock to reindeer!

12/3/2010- Priory w/Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste.  233 W Market St, St. Joseph Plaza, Newark, NJ

11/20/10 – 5C Club w/pianist Burt Eckoff, bassist Alex Gressel and vocalist Yuima.

11/21/10 – Sara Newman Center w/Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.

11/21/10 – Private Place Lounge w/Madame Pat Tandy’s ‘Nu Taste Ensemble’

11/ 14/10- MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK – Manna House 43rd Anniversary
Honoring Maxine Roach and Bernard Drayton Feat. Rob Crocker and star jazz players

10/29/10 – 5C Club w/ pianist Burt Eckoff, bassist Lyle Atkinson and vocalist Eva Sandler 212-477-5993

11/1/10 – Tony’s Di Napoli – trio event w/guitarist Bill Wurtzel

10/10/10- St Peter’s Ch. All-Nite Soul. Carol w/Sarah McLawler’s “Les Femmes Jazz”: Bernice Brooks, Carline Ray, Annette Aguilar .

10/16/10. 5C Club, with pianist Burt Eckoff

10/17/10 – Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band, Midland Beach Music Festival

Oct.1 – Newton Marriott,  Newton, MA w/Ben Stepner (pno) and Will Slater (bs).

9/11/10 – Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar -“THE SEPT. CONCERT” for 9/11

9/12/10 – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Hrt Univ. w/Joe Tranchina

9/17/10 –Renaissance Lounge, Astoria. w/Andrea Vocaturo (g), Shawn Lovato (bs), Roberto Ranalli (dms)

9/19 – Shirley Stewart Farmer Musical Salon, Ethical Culture Society w/Frank Owens (pno), Lyle Atkinson (bs) and Earl Williams (dms)

9/19- Private Place Lounge w/Mme Pat Tandy

9/8– Tribute to Cedric Rose, Nuyorican Poets Cafe

9/3 – “5C” Club  w/pianist Burt Eckoff, bassist Alex Gressel.

8/28/10 – Louis Armstrong House. Corona, NY Astoria Jazz Band ‘Two Women Composers’ (Emme Kemp and Julie Mandel). Part of series ‘Hot Jazz, Cool Garden’.  Sarah McLawler (organ),  Emme Kemp (pno/comp/voc), Yvonne Curry (dancer), Mary Lou Shriber (voc for Julie Mandel). Band: Keith Gurland, Alvin Pall, Stan Bielski, Mark McGowan, Alfredo Marques, Linda Presgrave, David Shaich, Brian Woodruff.

8/ 17/10 –  Le Pescadeux w/Kaori Yamada (dms) and Kazu (pno). 90 Thompson Street,  NYC 10012

8/10/10345 Park Avenue – Carol with Madame Pat Tandy and the “Sophisticated Ladies”


8/13/10 – Cleopatra’s Needle, w/ pianist Keith Ingham.

8/2/10 – Ascona, Switz. – Quartet concert w/Danny Ilett, Jr., Ristorante Piazzetta

7/7/10Spazio Anteprima, Saronno, Italy – Mario Mariotti Quartet w/Carol Sudhalter (ts,fl);
Mario Mariotti, tpt, flugelhorn; Gabriele Orsi, guitar; Paolo Dassi, double bass; Riccardo Tosi, drums

– San Bartolomeo al Mare (Italian Riviera in Liguria) – Lungomare – Piazza Torre -w/guitarist Rick Stone,  Mone Monnanni bss, Alessndro Minetto drums

July 17 and 18  – Birmingham, UK
-International Jazz Festival:

Saturday 17th July – Keith Bill (pno), Nick Milward (dms), Len Skeat (bs)

14:00 Garden House
19:00 Old Orleans

Sunday 18th July – John Patrick (pno), Nick Milward (dms), Len Skeat (bs)

14:00 Botanical Gardens
18:30 Assembly Rooms, Solihull

7/19-21- Savigliano, It – Recording w/Carmelo Leotta (bs) and Rick Stone (guit) – film music of the 60s

Sat. July 24, 5-9 – Private Pool party, Piscataway, NJ w/Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble.

Saturday, June 19 – 3 pmKew Gardens  Community House,  w/pianist Carlo Barile, Bobby Martone (bs) and Chacho Ramirez (dms)

6/20/10 – 12 noon -Holiday Inn Manhattan View – Sun. Brunch -Carlo Barile (keybrd), Motoki Mihara (bs) and Carol

6/3/10 – Skipper’s Plane St. Pub, 304 University Ave., Newark, NJ – Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste Ensemble – Madame Pat (voc), Akiko Tsuruga, Rene Carlson, Lucianna Padmore, Carol Sudhalter on tenor/flute

6/12/10- 7 to 9 pm – Saint Peter’s Church –  Vocalist Keisha St. Joan with Guest pianist Carlo Barile, Carol on tenor sax and flute, Steve Elmer (pno), Marcus McLaurine (bs), John P. Cooksey (drums) and featuring the Jen Dancers $25. 212

Sun., June 13, 2010 -2:00 pm – Lewis Latimer House 34-41  Astoria Jazz Band ’Women’s Works’:  Featuring works of two women  Composers of Queens (Julie Mandel and Emme Kemp).  Starring Sarah McLawler (organ) and Emme Kemp (pno/comp/voc). This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.

Monday, June 14 – 7:30 pm – ArtHouse Astoria, 23-35 Broadway, Astoria – tel. 347  738 4148 – Carlo Barile (pno) with Carol Sudhalter, Bobby Martone (bs), Chacho Ramirez (drms). Musical salon, $7 includes refreshments

Wednesday, June 16 – 7:30 pm – St. Joseph’s Yorkville, 420 E. 87th St. –  Carlo Barile plays all-classical organ concert. Followed by celebratory dinner in Yorkville for friends and including presentation of Anthony Lofaso’s newly published book on Yorkville history!

May 16- Private Place Lounge, with Madame Pat Tandy

May 20 – Hilton Harrisburg, 1 N 2nd St., Hbg PA –with pianist Steve Rudolph

May 22,  – Nighttown, Cleveland, Ohio – Roy King trio.

May 9 – Sand Castle Inc. with Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band.

May 14  Recording w/organist Sarah McLawler, Doodlin’ Records.  Systems Two, Bklyn.

April 25- Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart Univ.  Carol w/ Andrea Vocaturo (guitar)

April 13 – School of Visual Arts – – Poetry of Bob Kaufman – Lucky Checkley

Apr 10 – Kew Gardens Community House. Andrea Vocaturo (gt)

Mar. 26 –  Heard One Complex, Plainfield, NJ – Madame Pat Tandy’s Nu Taste

March 19– Club 966 – Ft Greene Senior Center w/Mme Pat’s  Nu Taste

2/6/10  – Elmhurst Library w/ Andrea Vocaturo (guit), Carmelo Leotta (bs) “Music of the Americas: The American Song Book, Brazilian Bossa Nova and love songs from Cuba and Mexico”

Tues, Feb. 9, 11 a.m. – Masterclass,  “English Diction for Singers“, IALS School of the Arts,  Via Fracassini, 60 – 00196 Rome, Italy Tel. 06 3236396 – 06 3611926 promozione@ials.infohttp://www.ials.org

Wednesday, Feb. 10, – Masterclass,  “Ënglish Diction for Singers”, IALS School of the Arts, Rome, Italy

Feb. 11- Piazzaroma Club, Taranto,  w/ Vito Di Modugno, Francesco Lomagistro

February 13-Petra Club, Ceglie Messapica, Italy, with Ettore Carucci (pno),  Giuseppe Bassi (bs),  Francesco Lomagistro (drums)

Feb. 1, 6 pm – Corona Library, Queens – Joe Tranchina, pno      “Music of the Americas: Rhythms of Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Jan. 5- IRIDIUM -Carol Sudhalter’s Astoria Jazz Bandw/ Marti Mabin

Dec. 29  – Concert at Sage  Senior Center w/Vito Di Modugno (organ), Francesco Lomagistro (dms), Marti Mabin  (voc). Jackson Heights, Queens.  Supported by Patsy Lu Foundation and Open  Meadows Center.

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1 pmSaint Peter’s Church. Midtown Jazz at Midday. $7. Vito Di Modugno (organ/piano) and Francesco Lomagistro (drums) with Carol on tenor/bari/flute.

, Dec. 31- Lake Club– Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Vito Di Modugno (organ keyboard),  Gordon Lane (drums). 1150 Clove Road, S.I.

December 19, Dean Project GalleryLIC, New York
w/Didi Pattirane and Motoki Mihara

Sunday, December 20- 8 pm – A Private Place Lounge, NJ, with Madame Pat Tandy and the Nu Taste Ensemble.


Sunday, Oct. 11 10:45 pm – All-nite Soul, with Sarah McLawler’s “Les Femmes Jazz”, Saint Peter’s Church, NYC.

Friday, Sept. 11 – The September Concert – 4 to 8Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar 254 W. 72nd St.

Sunday, Sept. 13 – Weeping Beech Park. Queens Historical Society-Carol  Sudhalter, Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Eric Lemon (bass)..

Sept. 20 – Salon Fun: A MusicalGetTogether with Shirley Stewart Farmer The New York Society for Ethical Culture. Chapman Roberts – MC, Frank Owens (pno), Lisle Atkinson (bs), Earl Williams (dms)

8/9/09 – Central Branch of Queens Library – 89-11 MMusic of Latin  American Countries and the American Songbook.  Elena Camerin (voc), Motokí Mihara (bs), Joe  Vincent Tranchina (pno), Chris Rinaman (tbn), Charlie Franklin (tpt), Kaori Yamada (dms), Carol on ts/fl, Eric Frazier (perc)

7/30/09- Sugar Hill Restaurant, Bklyn.Jeff King, Mari Toussaint, Dwight Brewster and Kiane Zawadi
-Jeff King Band; Dr. Mambo & The Experience;
-THE JAZZ ALL STARS Feat. Napoleon Revels-Bey, Eric Frazier, Rudy Mwongozi, Carol Sudhalter and Daryl Pooser
feat. vocalist Steve Cromity; The Project; Doug Richardson band; Velez Moore (Spoken Word) Info: JITU WEUSI—(718) 857-1427

GUEST APPEARANCES: -7/26/09 – Roth’s Steakhouse
Satoshi Inouie (guitar) and Dmitri Kolesnik (bass)
-7/27/09 – Arturo’s, w/ Kayo (pianist), Motoki Mihara (bs), Kaori Yamada (dms)

7/2/09  – w/ singer Madame  Pat Tandy.
Lancer’s Restaurant, 459 Ferry St., Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 344-2662  Akiko Tsuriga (organ),  Lucianna Padmore (drums), René Carlson (harmonica).

Sun.,June 28- Madame Pat Tandy (voc): “A John Dais Clean Production Entertainment”
Gray Cliff Fine Caterers Nu-Taste Jazz Female Ensemble: Akiko Tsuruga-Organ,
Carol Sudhalter-Sax, Lucianna Padmore-Drums, Rene Carlson-Harmonica

Sat., June 27, 1-3 pm: Conlon Lihfe Towers, Jamaica. Motoki Mihara (bs), Marti Mabin (voc), Steve Elmer (pno), Kaori Yamada (dms)

June 21, ’09 – A Private Place,  Montclair, NJ. Madame Pat Tandy (voc), Akiko Tsuruga (organ), Lucianna Padmore (dms), Rene Carlson (harmonica) (973) 675-6620

, June 25, noon, Jazz Festival in front of new Jamaica Performing Arts Center – Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Motoki Mihara (bs), Kaori Yamada (dms),  Chris Rinaman (tbn), Marti Mabin (voc) – 153-10 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, New York 11432

June 16, 5:20 pm – Jazz Standard, w/pianist Daryl Sherman,
Jazz Journalist Association convention,musical tribute to Richard Sudhalter

June 20, 1 pm – Paterson Catholic High School, Paterson, New Jerseyw/Madame Pat Tandy and all-woman band.All-day event.

June 7, 11-3: Ryles Jazz Club, Sunday Brunch 212 Hampshire St., Inman Square, Cambridge, 617 876 9330 First Sunday in each month, Patricia Adams [voc], Ray Santisi [pno], Greg Loughman [bs] and Gary Johnson [dms]

June 14, 5 pmTravers Park, Queens, w/Elena Camerin (voc), Joe Tranchina (pno), Bobby Viteri (congas), Rob Garcia (dms), Motoki Mihara (bs), Charlie Franklin (tpt).. 34th Ave. between 77th and 78th St., Jackson Heights. . http://www.jhbg.org/events/events.html

Wed., May 13 –  8:00 PM – Plum Pomidoro Restaurant
Guitar Duo with Bill Wurtzel – 8-11 pm.

5/16, 4 pm- Flushing Town Hall. Antonio Cervellino (bass) presents his compositions/arrangements dedicated to the poetry of his father, the late Mimmo Cervellino, w/ Astoria Jazz Band. Francesca Cervellino, dancer.   This concert is funded in part by NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs.

5/23, Smith College, jazz trio w/ Eugene Uman (pno), Gen Rose (bs)

May 2, 2 pm  – Flushing Library=free concert of Carlo Barile (pno) w/ Carol (ts/fl), vocalist Elena Camerin, Kaori Yamada (dms), Motoki Mihara (bass).  Carlo’s debut  performance of his “Manhattan Suite”.This concert is supported,  in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Sat., May 2, 7 pmSaint Peter’s Church. Keisha St. Joan (voc), Carlo Barile (pno), Bertha Hope (pno), Rudy Lawless (drums), Melissa Slocum (bass), Carol (ts/ flute). Includes the music of piano legend Elmo Hope.

5/6/09Steinway  Hall,  NY –Carlo Barile (pno) and Antonio Cervellino (bs)  This concert is funded in part by NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs

Wed., April 22 – 5 pm – Silvercrest Residence, Queens, w/  Eric Lemon (bs), Jacob Melchior (dms) and Les Kurtz (pno)

Sat. April 25 – 7:30 pmRogers Center for the Arts, North Andover, MA – with Artie Shaw Big Band

April 26, 1 pm – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart Univ., Fairfield, CT. Art exhibit opening. With guitarist George Lesiw.

Friday, April 17 – 7:30 pm – Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning “A Tribute To Earl Grant” – organ trio with Vito Di Modugno & Sarah McLawler, organists,Kaori Yamada (dms).   Jamaica, NY.   This concert is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Sat., April 18, 7:30 pm – Temple ‘M’ , 555 W. 141 St.,  Harlem. Organ summit with Vito Di Modugno and Radam Schwartz at the organ. Kaori Yamada (drums), Carol (ts/fl). Vocalist Madame Pat Tandy. $20, discounts for seniors. Cedric Rose: rosepetalnyc@yahoo.com

Sunday, April 5 -3:00 pm – New York Institute of Technology,  Old Westbury, New York, Carol Sudhalter Trio with VITO DI MODUGNO, piano and Hammond Organ, and Kaori Yamada, drums. Old Westbury, New York 11568 – David G. Salten Hall (516) 686-1000

Sunday, April 12, 10:30 a.m., Steinway Reformed Church – Astoria – Carol with Vito di Modugno (pno), tpt Larry Gillespie, Easter  jazz.

Sunday, April 12, 7 pm – Private Place Lounge with Madame Pat Tandy (voc). 29 S Center St, Orange, NJ 07050  (973) 675-6620

Sunday, March 29 – 3 to 7 pm – Mother A.M.E. Zion Church, 140-6 W. 136 St., Harlem. Benefit concert for hospitalized pianist Linda Hudson.

Friday, April 3 Trumpet’s Jazz Club, Hammond Organ King VITO di MODUGNO, drummer Kaori Yamada.  6 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ
973-744-2600 res. http://www.trumpetsjazz.com

Sat., March 14, 2009 -7:30 PM – Randolph County Community Arts Center. Elkins, WV – Joe Tranchina (pno), Elena Camerin (voc), Brian Woodruff (dms),   Tom Baldwin (bs) and Chris Rinaman(tbn)

Monday, March 16, noon to 4 pm – Ossining, NY – classical recording session, arrangements of Gates Thomas

Sat., Feb. 14, Aleo Restaurant, 7 w.20th St., NYC, Roni Ben-Hur (guit)

Tues., Feb. 24, 2:30 pm – Duo with guitarist Larry Luger  – Qns

Tues., Feb. 24, 6 pm – Russo’s on the Bay – Joe Tranchina (pno), Phil Nestor (dms), Eric Lemon (bs). Annual fundraiser food tasting event for Southwestern Queens Boys  and Girls Club.

Mon., Jan.12, 7:00 pm – Saint Peter’s Church, NYC – Musical memorial tribute to trumpeter/author Richard Sudhalter,  Lexington Ave at 54th St., NYC

Sun., Jan. 25, 1 to 3:20 pm,  Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield Connecticut, duo with pianist Joe Tranchina, opening of art exhibit.

1/29/2009  -7:30 PMHewlett-Woodmere Public Library 1125 Broadway, Woodmere, New York 11557-Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Chris Rinaman (tbn), Elena Camerin (voc), Rob Garcia (dms), bassist Lynn Milano-  1125 Broadway P.O. Box 1100 Hewlett , New York 11557-0903 Main phone: (516) 374-1967 A jazz evening of Harold Arlen, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter

12/4/08: -9 pm- Bebop Club, Rome, w/ Olivier Berney (tpt) Quintet, Erasmo Bencivenga (pno).

12/6/08 – 9 PM – Albergo Eurostar, Prenestina Road, Rome: Presentation of new book by Iole Severi Silvestrini with music by quartet of Corrado Severi Silvestrini (composer/pianist) with Carlo Battisti (dms) and Marco Fratini (bs).

12/12/2008 @ 9:00 pm – Chalet del Tiglio, Como, Marco Caputo (dms), Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi (pno)

12/13/2008 9:00 PM – Jumpin Jazz Ballroom, Milano, IT. Marco Caputo (dms), Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi (pno)

12/14/2008 – 9:30 pm – Bebop Club, Rome. Corrado Silvestrini (comp/pno), Marco Fratini (bs), Carlo Battisti (dms) plus painters and readers.Mixed media event.

12/16/2008 9:00 PM – Jazz Club Biella, Biella, IT. Marco Caputo (dms), Carlo Uboldi (pno) and Antonio Cervellino (bs)

12/18/2008 9:00 PM – Milestone Jazz Club, Piacenza, IT. Marco Caputo (dms), Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi (pno)

12/19/2008 9:00 PMValentina Cafe’ , Busto Arsizio, Italy. Marco,  Antonio and Carlo

12/20/2008 9:00 PMRe Carlo, Varese, IT. Marco Caputo (drums), Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Carlo Uboldi (pno)

12/26/2008 – 10:00 PM – PETRA, Via Pietro Elia, Castello Ducale,
Ceglie Messapica (BR), IT. Organ Trio with Vito Di Modugno (Hammond Organ) and Francesco Lomagistro (drums)  info: 333/2863155 333/2219067

Sat., Nov. 15 @ 5 pmSteinway Hall– 109 W. 57th Street, NYC 10019 .  Duo/trio piano recital of young extraordinary visiting pianist Carlo Barile. Carol Sudhalter on tenor sax/flute, Antonio Cervellino on bass. (212) 246- 1100

Sun., Nov. 16 @ 3:00 PM – Jazz Vespers at UNITY EAST Church Center, 1901 Beverly Road, Brooklyn with Carol Sudhalter (tenor sax/flute), vocalist Keisha St. Joan, Italian pianist Carlo Barile, Antonio Cervellino (bs) and Roberto Pistolesi (dms). 3-5 pm.

Sat., Nov. 22 @7:00 PM – “EMME/JULIE” & CARLO BARILE QUARTET: Steinway Reformed Church – Ditmars Blvd and 41 St. Astoria, New York $12/$10. Emme/Julie: the compositions of Emme Kemp and Julie Mandel, by Carol Sudhalter’s 8-piece Astoria Jazz Band. Second half: Carlo Barile Group, prodigious pianist from Italy. Emme/Julie is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts. Tix 718 278 5331

TUES thru SAT, NOV. 4 thru Nov. 8, 11 pm – Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, Jazz at Lincoln Center, ‘After Hours Set’: Carol Sudhalter and Carlo Barile: The Rome-New York Connection with Carlo Barile (pno), Victor Jones (drums), bassist Antonio Cervellino. Fri. 11/7 – Rob Garcia (dms); 11/8 – Kaori Yamada (dms).Special guest vocalists:Lorraine Anthanio Lofaso, Keisha St. Joan,  Marty Mabin, Elena Camerin

$10 on Tues/Wed/Thu, $20 on Fri/Sat. www.jalc.org

SUN., NOV. 9 @ 2 pm – ST. LUKE EVANGELICAL Lutheran Church, Woodhaven, NY – ‘An Afternoon of Latin Jazz’: Carol Sudhalter septet, concert of Latin and Latin Jazz with prodigious young Italian pianist Carlo Barile. Bobby Viteri (perc), Charlie Franklin (tpt), Antonio Cervellino (bs), Elena Camerin (voc), Rob Garcia (dms). Sponsored by Astoria Music Society. 87-34 85th St., Woodhaven, Queens.
FRIDAY, OCT. 31 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm – Aleo Restaurant, 7 West 20th St., NYC near 5th Ave. W/ Bill Wurtzel (guit). Hallowe’en Music. 212 691 8136

Sunday, Oct. 26, @3:00 pm – Laurel Library with vocalist Toby Altman Main Road, Mattituck, New York Free Library Concert w/ Peter Martin Weiss (bs), Jane Hastay (pno), Marcus McLaurine (bs), Earl Williams (dms). Honoring the change of season. 13900 Main Road, Mattituck. 631 298 4134

10/12-All-nite Soul, Saint Peter’s Ch., w/Sarah McLawler &”Les Femmes Jazz”

9/21 -Ceremonial Hall of the Ethical Culture Society, 2 West 64th St, NY-$25-“SALON FUN”: Frank Owens, pno; Lisle Atkinson, bs; Paula Hampton ,dms & voc – Harold Cromer, voc/tap; Patricia De Arcy, voc; SHIRLEY STEWART FARMER, voc; Mike Grey, tbn/voc; Lorraine Anthanio Lofaso, voc; Dakota MacLeod, voc; Ray Naccari, pno; Carline Ray, voc; Chapman Roberts, Narrator; CAROL SUDHALTER, fl/sax, w/Italian singer ELENA CAMERÍN; Dotti Anita Taylor, voc, fl, pno; Glenn Turner, voc,

SUN., SEPT. 14, 2:30 pm – Weeping Beech Park,143-35 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-Free Outdoor quintet concert feat. Italian star vocalist Elena Camerin; Joe Vincent Tranchina (pno), Doug Richardson (dms), Bob Bowen (bs). Produced by Queens Historical Society. Tel: 718-939-0647

Thu., 9/11- SUGAR BAR, 4 pm – E.J.Decker (prod.) concert dedicated to 9/11.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 9 @ 10:30 pm – Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St., Cambridge w/Elena Camerin (voc), Ben Stepner (pno), Tal Gamlieli (bs).

SAT, SEPT.6,2008 8 pm – Nick Mathis’ The Many Colors of a Woman. –
Aetna Theatre @ Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
600 Main Street, Hartford, CT
FREE concert:The Many Colors of a W*O*M*A*N, starring and produced by vocalist Nick Mathis Featuring: NickiMathis’ Afrikan Amerikan Jazz New Millennium All Stars: Ricky Alfonso, Kalyn Dean, Melanie Dyer, Joe Fonda, Raynell Frazier, Janice Friedman, Pat Harleston, Yasuyo Kimura, Rozanne Levine, Bill Lowe, Yunie Mojica, Jocelyn Pleasant, Carol Sudhalter, Dotti Anita Taylor, Deborah Weisz, Mark Whitecage, Antoinette Montague, Elena Camerin

SUN., SEPT. 1 – Jazz in the Garden, Steinway Ref. Church, Astoria, KAZU (pno), Bob Bowen (bs), Kaori Yamada (dms), Elena Camerin (voc)

SUN., AUG. 31, 5 pm – Jazz Vespers, Saint Peter’s Church, NYC, w/Sarah McLawler (organ/piano/voc) and “Les Femmes Jazz”

6/19 – Younite Cafe’, Viale Bligny 42, Milan – jazz w/pianist Angelo Bifezzi

Friday, June 20, Jesolo, TBA w/pianist Tommaso Genovese

6/21 – Orange bar, campo S.Margherita – Venice w/Davide Baldo (guit.); Elena Camerin (voc)

6/22 -Mestre Venice – Carol’s Masterclass in English vocal jazz singing technique/grammar/pronunciation. Miles Davis Conservatory (Mestre)

6/27 – Caffe’ Valentina, Busto Arsizio, Italy, w/Carlo Uboldi (pno), Antonio Cervellino (bs), and Marco Caputo (dms).

6/28-‘Notte Bianca’ w/Marco Caputo (dms), Carlo Uboldi (pno). Antonio Cervellino (bs). RE CARLO Cafè – Pza Motta, 8 Varese (Italy) 0332 242056

SUN., June 29, 9:30 pm – JazzAscona Festival, Piazzale Biblioteca – Lionel Hampton Stage, Ascona, Switzerland- , w/FOCUS JAZZ BAND: Duffy Jackson’S French Connection w/John Allred,tb
JULY 2 – w/pianist Craig Milverton – Plymouth, The B Bar, Barbican Theatre – Devon, UK

July 3 – Exeter Jazz Club, The Globe, Newtown, UK w/pianist Craig Milverton

July 6-8, Birmingham Festival, Birmingham, England – 6 concerts:

7.06.08 Birmingham Jazz Festival –
2 pm: Round Room, Museum & Art Gallery w/Craig Milverton (pno);
6 pm – Green Room
7.07.08 – Birmingham Jazz Festival –
12 noon – Touchwood w/Craig Milverton (pno)
8 pm – Living Room w/Paul Sawtell (pno)trio
7.08.08 – Birmingham Jazz Festival:
12 noon- Pitcher & Piano w/Craig Milverton (pno)
8 pm – Ibis Birmingham Center w/Paul Sawtell (pno)

7/9 – Birmingham – John Patrick (pno) quartet, Mailbox Shopping Center

JULY 12 – Badia Jazz Festival, Carol on tenor sax/flute, Andrea Tarozzi (pno), Bobo Facchinetti (dms), Ristorante Prealpina, Badia Calavena, Italy

July 15 – Universita’ Sapienza, Rome – Iole Severi Silvestrini presents new novel, Il Tempo di Arrivare”, – Corrado Severi Silvestrini (pno) quintet.

July 27 – Bari area, Italy – Wedding w/organist Vito Di Modugno & quintet

July 24 -Terlizzi (Bari) – Bar Caminito Tango, Carlo Barile (pno) quartet.
6/13 – Maple Grove Cemetery, Kew Grdns – Frank Owens (pno), Keisha St. Joan (voc), Bob Bowen (bs), Phil Nestor (dms)
6/8- Augustana Lutheran Church, E. Elmhurst, NY. Keisha St. Joan (voc), Rom Ferri (pno), Jeff Hanley (bs), Michael Vitale (dms)

5/18- STEINWAY REFORMED CHURCH, “Women Composers of Queens”, w/ “Julie and Emme” feat. Peter Lewy, cello. This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts; is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; is made possible in part by an award from the American Music Center.
4/24 – McANN’S – Carol Sudhalter w/ Rom Ferri (pno), guest bassist ANTONIO CERVELLINO

4/25: Armstrong Alley, Queens College cafeteria – free concert of Carol Sudhalter trio w/ guest bassist ANTONIO CERVELLINO, Tim Regusis (pno).

4/27 – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University, Park Ave. @ Main St., Fairfield, CT. Carol Sudhalter duo w/Joe Tranchina (pno)
5/3- 28 FIFTH AVENUE. Ballroom @ 9th St., Greenwich Village: Manhattan Country School Rent Party – Carol’s sextet w/Special Guest bassist Antonio Cervellino (Como, Italy); Doug Richardson (dms), Joe Tranchina (bs), Myrna Lake (voc), Satoshi Inoue (g). 212 505 8000
WED., APRIL 16, 6-10. Astoria World Manor, George Delis Retirement Party, Bill Wurtzel (guit) and Jeff Hanley (bs)
4/17 : McANN’S RESTAURANT – Rom Ferri, pno; Whitney Moulton, bs; Carol Sudhalter,ts/fl- 948 First Ave. @ 52nd Street. 212 813 1280.

4/2 – PANE E VINO Restaurant –
Duo w/pianist KAZU -174 Smith St., bet. Bergen and Warren, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 718 501 1010

4/3 – SAINT PETER’S CHURCH, “Women Composers of Queens” feat. vocalist/composers Sarah McLawler, Emme Kemp, Myrna Lake. 10-piece band and dancer Yvonne Curry. $15 at the door or $12 in advance. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

4/6 – Carol w/MYRNA LAKE BAND inl Women in Jazz Festival, which runs Fri thru Sun., Saint Peter’s Church.

3/26 – PANE E VINO – Duo w/PF Kazu, pno.
174 Smith St., bet. Bergen and Warren, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 718 501 1010

3/27 – McANN’S RESTAURANT – Rom Ferri, pno; Whitney Moulton, bs; Carol on ts/fl. 948 First Ave. @ 52nd Street. 212 813 1280.

3/20 – SHUTTERS BAR, Carol Sudhalter’s 13-piece Astoria Jazz Band w/Marti Mabin (voc), final Saturday of Women’s History Month Series. $20. 433 W. 34th St., NYC – 212 279 3446 – This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

3/30 – RIVERHEAD LIBRARY, Court St., Riverhead, Suffolk County, LI: Toby Altman (voc), Peter Martin Weiss (bs), Jane Hastay (pno), Doug Richardson (dms) and Carol on tenor sax and flute.

SUN., MARCH 23, 1-4 pm – McANN’S RESTAURANT – Rom Ferri, pno; Whitney Moulton, bs; Carol, ts/fl. EASTER SUNDAY BRUNCH. 948 First Ave @ 52nd St., NYC, 212 813 1280
3/2/08 – Saint Peter’s Church 9 pm – Cobi Narita’s b’day.

2/24 – IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB -Shirley Stewart Farmer Show, Ray Naccari (pno), Paul West (bs), Mike Grey (tbn), Dakota MacLeod
2/18 – SHUTTERS Bar & Cafe – – Carol w/British pianist CRAIG MILVERTON – unique appearance in NYC. Esdras Lubin, bass.

1/18 – SUR Restaurant w/PF Kazu (pno), bass, drums and voc. Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 875-1716

1/27 – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Hrt Univ., Fairfield, CT – w/Joe Tranchina (pno)

1/30/08 w/ ELENA CAMERIN, ENZO’S JAZZ, Jolly Hotel, NY-Joe Tranchina (pno), Marco Panascia (bs)

2/3/08 Trumpet’s, 6 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ w/ ELENA CAMERIN, voc. Joe Tranchina (pno), Mike Karn (bs)

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