Mix ‘n’ Match Music

This unique agency is managed by Carol. As an agent as well as an accomplished sax and flautist, Carol operates Mix n’ Match with the insight of a performing musician. Carol draws on New York’s immense pool of musical talent to offer you the finest musicians: those with mastery of two instruments, those skilled in several styles. Thus, a flute and guitar duo may serenade your wedding ceremony with a Mozart Andante, and liven your reception with rhythmic guitar and sax tunes from Gershwin to Stevie Wonder.  A flute, violin and cello chamber group may become a swinging sax, trombone and bass fiddle combo when dinner moves to dancing. As the client, you eliminate the time-consuming and costly search for several bands.

Mix ‘n’ Match sends groups everywhere from The Lotus Club to Arden House of Harriman. We play for weddings, parties, boat rides, dances…we play jazz, the classics, pop, flamenco, salsa…whatever music you love. Meet with Carol, discuss the needs of your occasion, and pick out your instruments, style and musical colors. Enjoy a music as tasty as the finest gourmet hors d’eouvres!

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