My photo in The Power of Jazz by John Watson!

March 9, 2010

“The Power of Jazz” is a first from UK photographer/writer John Watson. It
features over 140 photos of jazz legends, great players and rising
stars, plus a chapter on music photography. Several of the photos are
‘impressionist’ images, using motion and other techniques for effect.

It’s a limited edition coffee-table hardback on fine art paper, allowing the best possible print quality, very expensive, but worth it for a good photographer.

To preview the entire book,  click on www.blurb.com/books/1221024
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge any page (including, of course, Page 37 – where you will find me right opposite Kenny Davern). You can see the whole book by clicking on
the right arrow at the side of the thumbnails, but because it is
high-resolution it takes a while to load.



  1. Carol:
    Word to the wise, to be more radio programmer friendly PLEASE always list your CD tracks either clearly on your booklet or on the disc itself (preferably both!) for ready, easy reference.
    Willard Jenkins

    • Hi Willard, I’m mortified — I thought listing the tracks on the back cover of the jewel case was the clearest possible way it could be done. The musician credits are also quite clear, on the inside of the back cover. Maybe that’s a bit harder to find. I’m looking right now at the back cover, and every tune is listed with its composer, lyricist and time in minutes and seconds. Was that not visible?

      I agree it would have been nice to list them on the disk as well. That was the choice of the record label, to just put the design on there.

      Thanks for the feedback and please write again re the back cover and what exactly is wrong with it (I’m wondering if it somehow got removed from your copy?).

      BEST regards, Carol

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