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August 18, 2021



For the first time since March 2020, Flushing Town Hall will present its wildly popular, monthly Jazz Jam: Celebrating the Legacy of Louis Armstrong once again in person at the historic building on Wednesday, September 8 at 7:00 PM (ET). Learn more about some of the house jazz band members and their excitement about the return to Flushing Town Hall.

Carol Sudhalter, House Jazz Band Leader

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When and how did you first get started in music?
I started playing flute in college, in my 3rd year as a biology major. I was born into a jazz family, so the notes were already inside me.

Who inspired you to become a musician? Which instruments do you play?
A lightbulb went off in my brain after a few months of therapy during college. I picked up flute, adding the saxophone some 12 years later!

Who is your favorite jazz musician?
At this moment, I will say guitarist Django Reinhart. I might change this tomorrow. So much inspiration.

When and how did you get involved with Flushing Town Hall’s Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam?
I was hired by Gabrielle Hamilton five years ago, on the recommendation of bassist/historian Clyde Bullard. in October 2016, I began leading the jam, and have been thrilled to be part of this great event ever since.

How did the pandemic impact you and your work?
This situation has expanded my mind in directions I never imagined. I acquired some skill at teaching virtually. Playing-wise, I learned how to work with sound files rather than live bands, I also got a start on some very rudimentary arranging.

What does it feel like to once again Jazz Jam in person?
It seems like an exciting prospect, but like most things these days, it’s hard to predict the rainbow of emotions until I get there!

Any exciting projects on the horizon for you?
I am celebrating five decades as a house to house music teacher, and have started working on a book of memories and anecdotes about this very colorful profession.

Joe Vincent Tranchina, House Jazz Band Pianist


When and how did you first get started in music?
Due to neighborhood canvassing, I had a choice between the Boy Scouts or Accordion lessons when I was 9 years old. I chose Accordion lessons. I already loved music. My 1st professional gigs started when I was 17 years old.

Who inspired you to become a musician? Which instruments do you play?
My inspiration to become a musician, specifically a jazz musician, came at 16 years old, looking for something to listen to on the radio, I came across Ella Fitzgerald, followed by John Coltrane. That experience changed my life. Piano is my main instrument. I play other keyboards as well.

Who is your favorite jazz musician
Impossible to say. Every great musician has so much to offer. As a pianist, I gravitate towards those who are both players and composers, and cross classical and jazz boundaries. Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Roger Kellaway & Clare Fischer to name a few. There are many others I love to listen to!

When and how did you get involved with Flushing Town Hall’s Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam?
I’ve been playing the Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jam since September of 2016. Carol Sudhalter asked me to be the pianist for this. It has been an amazing experience.

How did the pandemic impact you and your work?
The bottom fell out of my gigging schedule in March of 2020! Flushing Town Hall started the virtual jazz jam in April of 2020. That has been a wonderful experience. So many talented musicians have participated. I have done other virtual gigs, and video submission gigs, live streams, and both indoor and outdoor gigs as time has passed. I have also delved deeper into my recording software, and video software, learning new skills and honing others. I am eternally grateful for being able to continue working in whatever capacity necessary!

What does it feel like to once again Jazz Jam in person?
I am looking forward to once again being live at Flushing Town Hall! Can’t wait for the excitement and dynamic of live performance. Nothing can replace that!

Any exciting projects on the horizon for you?
I recently performed two concerts at the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival. I am about to perform at the Pershing Square Sounds series on August 17th, with my trio, and the 24th., with my wife, Gabriele Tranchina’s quartet. I have a live house concert, August 29th, with the great bassist Earl Sauls and Rick Savage on trumpet. I’ll be at the Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA, September 1st, with bassist Robert Kopec. And, back at Flushing Town Hall in person on September 8th!

Scott Newmann, House Jazz Band Drummer

Scott DC Backyard Blue

When and how did you first get started in music?
I was blessed as I first started playing professionally at the age of fifteen with a guitar, bass and drums trio, playing venues and country clubs around Northeastern Oklahoma. I gained such valued experience learning songs, styles and various aspects of the music business playing for both dancers and the listening audience.

Who inspired you to become a musician? Which instruments do you play?
I always had a strong attraction to the drum set. My first drum teacher and junior high band director Kermit Tanzey was my first major influence to become a professional musician.

Who is your favorite jazz musician?
Oooo, that’s a hard one! One of my favorite jazz musicians is Thelonius Monk. I have always loved his unique style of playing and composition. His music and playing is such a beautiful meld of strong melodic and harmonic angularity and percussiveness.

When and how did you get involved with Flushing Town Hall’s Louis Armstrong Legacy Jazz Jam?
I became involved with the Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jam a couple of years ago, filling in for the original drummer Sylvia Cuenca. My treasured musical relationship with Carol Sudhalter goes back over thirty years with both big band and small group jazz playing, most of which has occurred in Queens.

How did the pandemic impact you and your work?
The pandemic did negatively affect my work load, but , like so many musicians, I also changed course and purchased recording gear and got involved with remote audio and video recording. The Flushing Town Hall Virtual Jazz Jams were a great monthly outlet to work on some of those skills.

What does it feel like to once again Jazz Jam in person?
It is going to feel great to play in person with Carol, Eric and Joe and all of the talented jam session participants again.The Jazz Jam has developed into such a community, and there is no better place to share the communal bond of music and the arts than Flushing Town Hall!

Any exciting projects on the horizon for you?
One thing I am excited about is that Saxophonist Tom Christensen and I co-lead our band Spin Cycle (2014-) and we are currently putting the final touches on the band’s upcoming third release Spin Cycle III which will be getting released in early 2022.


Alternative Venues for Jazz – my talk

June 30, 2021

Many thanks to Gail Boyd for this opportunity. I enjoyed it so much.



May 8, 2021

HERE I am in this sweet little promo for near-future (hopefully) reopening.



May 3, 2021



Just out on NY1

March 4, 2021

I just got this link for the New York one interview. They only chose a tiny bit but it looks neat.



February 7, 2021

Not sure I ever posted this, so here is this wonderful interview:


“Musicians Cook” Project

January 26, 2021

Local 802 is doing this nice project, so I contributed a recipe.

Musicians Cook

A Virtual Performance of Love Walked In

September 13, 2020

I prepared this solo virtually with files sent to me by the drummer (Scott Neumann) and pianist (Joe Vincent Tranchina). Felt good about my playing on bari sax, both melody and solo, so I wanted to share it.


Our Flushing Town Hall Virtual Jazz Jam: Viewer Comments and Compliments

September 11, 2020
Sharon ArloaThu, Sep 10, 1:03 PM (1 day ago)
to me

“I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of exercise I can do.(My doc says exercise.) Voila! I think I’ve got it! Jazz is my favorite genre and this video, Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise, got me up and dancing. Who knew? Thank you, Michelle Nicolle. I watched you on Flushing Town Hall Louis Armstrong Jazz Concert last evening. Thank you, Flushing Town Hall. Thank you, Carol Sudhalter, host of this monthly world-wide virtual jazz concert. Thank you to all of those who performed from around the world. It’s wonderful to discover musicians whom I would never have know without these virtual concerts.This event is my favorite evening of each month.


Elzy’s Introduction

September 9, 2020

What a wonderful introduction Elzy kolb wrote to her article on me, on Facebook September 8th:

“It was a real treat to talk with saxophonist Carol Sudhalter recently, and find her in such an upbeat mood despite a rough bout with COVID-19 in late spring. Carol is teaching, woodshedding, arranging and trying new things these days. She’s still recovering but full of energy and raring to go, using her time at home to reevaluate some routines, reimagine some of her approaches and reduce some stress. Check out the interview in September Hot House jazz magazine in print and online. And hear Carol in action heading up the Louis Armstrong Legacy Virtual Jazz Jam live on FaceBook on Sept. 9 at Flushing Town Hall’s FB page.”

And later, after attending she wrote:

“Carol, we Zoomed in last night and enjoyed every minute. That was so much fun! There was a nice home-made vibe to the evening, it was very intimate, heartfelt and relaxed. You really are a great host, you have such a great attitude and positive point of view, we always need that but especially now.
I’m going to nudge my Louis Armstrong-loving trumpeter friend Ken Brandt in Melbourne to check it out.
Stay well, and stay in touch.