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Our Flushing Town Hall Virtual Jazz Jam: Viewer Comments and Compliments

September 11, 2020
Sharon ArloaThu, Sep 10, 1:03 PM (1 day ago)
to me

“I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of exercise I can do.(My doc says exercise.) Voila! I think I’ve got it! Jazz is my favorite genre and this video, Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise, got me up and dancing. Who knew? Thank you, Michelle Nicolle. I watched you on Flushing Town Hall Louis Armstrong Jazz Concert last evening. Thank you, Flushing Town Hall. Thank you, Carol Sudhalter, host of this monthly world-wide virtual jazz concert. Thank you to all of those who performed from around the world. It’s wonderful to discover musicians whom I would never have know without these virtual concerts.This event is my favorite evening of each month.


Elzy’s Introduction

September 9, 2020

What a wonderful introduction Elzy kolb wrote to her article on me, on Facebook September 8th:

“It was a real treat to talk with saxophonist Carol Sudhalter recently, and find her in such an upbeat mood despite a rough bout with COVID-19 in late spring. Carol is teaching, woodshedding, arranging and trying new things these days. She’s still recovering but full of energy and raring to go, using her time at home to reevaluate some routines, reimagine some of her approaches and reduce some stress. Check out the interview in September Hot House jazz magazine in print and online. And hear Carol in action heading up the Louis Armstrong Legacy Virtual Jazz Jam live on FaceBook on Sept. 9 at Flushing Town Hall’s FB page.”

And later, after attending she wrote:

“Carol, we Zoomed in last night and enjoyed every minute. That was so much fun! There was a nice home-made vibe to the evening, it was very intimate, heartfelt and relaxed. You really are a great host, you have such a great attitude and positive point of view, we always need that but especially now.
I’m going to nudge my Louis Armstrong-loving trumpeter friend Ken Brandt in Melbourne to check it out.
Stay well, and stay in touch.



September 1, 2020

We were suspended due to the pandemic, but we enjoyed our first few months so much! Here are a few photos.



My Member Profile in NY Flute Club Magazine April 2020

August 8, 2020

Have been meaning to publish this lovely article by Katherine Saenger.


Another Fillius Jazz Interview between Carol Sudhalter and Monk Rowe, re Pandemic Era adjustments

July 29, 2020


My Role at Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jam in NY Times

September 24, 2019

Pleased to share the good news of a little blurb in the New York Times today about our Jam


Flushing Town Hall’s mission is to present multi-disciplinary global arts that engage and educate the global communities of Queens, New York and…

 The Monthly Jazz Jams are supported in part by a grant from The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc.



September 12, 2019

Not sure I ever posted this wonderful interview!


Another article about the FTH Jam all-stars concert

July 17, 2019



July 17, 2019

Flushing Town Hall presents inaugural Jazz Jam All-Stars concert in August

Photo courtesy of Sharif Kales
Sharif Kales is one of the 10 musicians featured at Flushing Town Hall’s first-ever Jazz Jam All-Stars concert

Next month, head to Flushing to get a taste of jazz music that isn’t in a Manhattan nightclub.

Flushing Town Hall is presenting its first-ever Jazz Jam All-Stars concert, featuring 10 musicians and vocalists hailing from Queens and Long Island. On Aug. 4, concert participants will perform the music of Louis Armstrong followed by a group jam session.

Following the concert, participants will pose for a portrait on the steps of Flushing Town Hall, echoing Art Kane’s photograph “A Great Day in Harlem.” Proceeds from the event will go toward keeping the institution’s monthly Jazz Jams free to musicians.

On the first Wednesday evening every month, hundreds of musicians, including the 10 featured in the concert, participate in Flushing Town Hall’s Monthly Jazz Jam: Celebrating the Legacy of Louis Armstrong.

“I’m so thrilled for all of the All-Stars,” said Gabrielle M. Hamilton, Flushing Town Hall’s director of education and public programs. “When Flushing Town Hall first launched our monthly Jazz Jams eight years ago, a small group of amateur and professional musicians and fans gathered. Over time these wonderful artists have developed their artistic skills and formed professional alliances, even as our artists and audience members have grown and bonded. Now our jams feature amazing performances from all of our artists and a strong sense of community and fellowship. The All-Stars concert is a fundraiser in celebration of their talent and our Flushing Town Hall Jazz Jam ‘family’ and I invite all music lovers – from Queens and beyond – to join us in this communal musical spectacular!”

The following is a list of participating musicians in next month’s concert:

  • Sharif Kales (trumpet) of Flushing
  • Sarah Turkiew (baritone saxophone) of Bethpage, Long Island
  • Keith Jordan (guitar) of Hollis Hills
  • Iga Flyree Mrozek (vocals) of Jackson Heights
  • Frank Robinson (vocals) of Jamaica
  • Gary Davis (vocals) of East Elmhurst
  • Jose Luis Armengot (trumpet) of Rego Park
  • Victor Acosta (alto saxophone) of Kew Gardens
  • Glen Lowe (drums) of Corona
  • Mamoru Tashiro (guitar) of Astoria

Jazz saxophonist and event emcee Carol Sudhalter runs the monthly jams and was also involved in the committee that chose the featured concert performers. Sudhalter, who has lived in Astoria since 1978, has pioneered several jazz series in Queens.

She also teaches jazz improvisation, flute, sax, clarinet and piano, and masterclasses in jazz and in “English Diction for Singers” throughout the United States and in Italy.

“This concert is a landmark event in the history of jazz in Queens. No one should miss this presentation of some of our most promising artists,” said Sudhalter.

She added that the concert is a culmination of the growth many of the musicians have experienced throughout the year during the monthly jam sessions. Since she became involved in 2016, she said that both musician and audience attendance for the sessions has doubled.

Sudhalter attributes the growth to “word of mouth, good promotion and a user-friendly atmosphere.” She shared that other jam sessions are more competitive and musicians, especially beginners, are more comfortable at the Town Hall jam sessions.

Veteran musician Sharif Kales, who has played the trumpet for 25 years, attests to the warm atmosphere.

“It’s just good vibes, everyone is just trying to play and learn from each other,” Kales said. “It’s definitely welcoming and [beginner] students definitely feel more welcomed.”

During the concert, Kales plans to play an original piece as well as popular jazz standard called “Never Let Me Go.”

The Jazz Jam All-Stars event is on Sunday, Aug. 4, starting with a reception at 6 p.m. followed by the concert at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 for the general public, $15 for members and free to teens ages 13 to 19. Purchase tickets at or by calling 718-463-7700 ext. 222.



June 24, 2019

I was honored to have been chosen once again this year, to carry out a Su-Casa artist project at a Senior Center.

Our project is a musical show with script conceived, written, edited, revised and then performed by the class over the course of the 6-month period.

The chosen senior center was Central Astoria Development Coalition.

Since the spot was too small and not an actual senior center, they partnered with Dellamonica Senior Center to use as a venue for the show.

The title of the show is “The Yellow Brick Road of Life”.

Below are photos from the various sessions.